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Now, users can receive their best picks from Google Photos for $8 monthly

Google Photos to send the best photos at $8 monthly

Google Photos has started out a new service called “Monthly Photo Prints.” It has offered to actually print out the best of the user’s photos and send it to the user-all for a monthly subscription. Well, Google would be taking 10 prints of the best picks and sending it to the user. Each of these photos is expected to be 4×6 inches in size with matte finishing.

This would be on a monthly basis. The user should let Google know how he or she wishes the photo to be like. For instance, if the focus should be more on the face, then it should be stated. Similarly, how much should be the landscaping coverage in the entire picture, whether pets should be present in the photograph, and many more. The user can edit the photographs before giving the final print.

Considering that the monthly charges are $8 for 10 photos, one can only expect that the quality of the photographs to be excellent. Currently, this entire service is on a trial basis only. The trial has been actually put out as an invitation for all the users of Google Photos. 

How to register for this subscription?

Given below is a simple process of signing up for the Google Photos trial subscription. Signing up usually happens via the web interface of Google Photos. It is not clear whether everyone gets an invite to join. People who wish to join this invite need to access a blue bar situated at the top of the main page, which has the invite. 

  1. Go to the Monthly Photo Prints homepage by clicking on the Start button.
  2. Check the Get Started button and click on the same. 
  3. The user has the freedom to choose any theme of his choice. The options provided are, Mostly people and pets, Mostly landscapes, and A little bit of everything.
  4. Finally, the user has to go through the options that have been put forth by him. It can be seen here that no payment is required to be done until July. This is because this trial period is free up to a time period of six months. 
  5. Once all the options have been selected, the user needs to click on the Subscribe button to complete the subscription. 

Presently, this trial is only for the people of the US. More details regarding the trial are awaited. Google’s plans, with regards to a rollout on a wider scale, would also be known only once the trial starts rolling out. 

People who require their photos to be framed would benefit a lot from this trial. It would also be beneficial to those who are fond of photography and who would love to have their work framed. All said and done; not everyone might need 10 photos to be framed every month. Therefore, at this point in time, it is quite difficult to say whether Google would have a good run in this entire scheme. Also, this would hardly be of any help for those who use Google Photos as a means of backup for their Instagram throwaways.

Image Source: Android Central, Android Police

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