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Nubia Launches The New Red Magic Smartphone Line-Up

Nubia Launches The New Red Magic Smartphone Line-Up

Nubia recently launched its new Red Magic Smartphone line-up, bound to be the best gaming smartphone of the year. The series has two phones in its line-up: the Red Magic 6 and the Red Magic 6 Pro. While some of the features of both the phones are quite the same, there are differences too.

The new Red Magic phones show off with an incredible Snapdragon 888, with an adaptive refresh rate of 165Hz. This particular refresh rate is till now the highest that any phone has achieved. Apart from that, both the phones have 18 GB of RAM, 512 GB ROM, and 120 W charging, despite having different battery power.

Nubia has added 400 Hz capacitive shoulder triggers and is already catching gamers’ eyes in the world. The phone supports Android 11 and has some incredible features in its bag.

The most eye-catching thing about Red Magic series is 6.8 inch AMOLED screen with an amazing refresh rate for gamers. Even if you are playing heavy-duty games, the screen will not create any problems during the match. Even if the screen is a bit down, the refresh rate will not go beyond 30 Hz. Besides that, when you are using the main menu or any app, the phone will automatically adjust the refresh rate to 120Hz.

Nubia has excelled at this by adding a panel that supports a multi-touch sampling rate up to 360 Hz. In addition to that, it even supports a sampling rate of 500 Hz for one-finger touch. You would even find a fingerprint scanner beneath the screen. 

Moreover, you would even find a headphone jack of 3.5mm on both phones. As most of the phones are going completely wireless, Nubia did a great thing by adding a headphone jack, as wired headphones will help save battery while playing.

Talking about the camera, both Red Magic 6 and Red Magic 6 Pro have a 64MP rear camera and an 8MP ultra-wide, and a macro camera of 2MP. Besides that, you would even find a front camera of 8MP on both phones. 

As stated earlier, both phones have different battery power. While the Red Magic 6 has a battery of 5050 mAh and will support a charger of 66W, the Red Magic 6 Pro has a battery power of 4500 mAh with a 120W charging. The best thing here is that the Red Magic 6 will take 38 minutes to get completely charged, whereas the Red Magic 6 Pro only needs 5 minutes to get charged from 0 to 50%.

Both the phones have internal fans that make sure that the device remains cool even after a heavy workload. The Red Magic 6 comes with an internal fan of 18,000 RPM, whereas the Pro has an internal fan of 20,000 RPM. 

Both the phones are available in different colors and look amazing due to their design. The Red Magic 6 is available in “carbon fiber black” and “cyber neon,” both looking equally attractive. However, Nubia decided to go for different colors for the Red Magic 6 Pro. It is available in “iron black” and “ice blade silver.” The Red Magic 6 Pro tends to give the more classic rogue look and will appeal to the audience’s eyes.

Nubia released both the models on 4th March 2021 and has already gained tons of orders. The Red Magic series is surely going to be the biggest gaming phone of the year. Both the phones are already up for selling, and you can order them from the company’s official website.

Image Source: Engadget

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