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October Gets a Record for Nintendo Switch: About 735,000 Consoles Were Sold

October gets a record for Nintendo Switch: About 735,000 consoles were sold

Looks like good times are here to remain with Nintendo Switch. According to an earnings report published during the first week of November, Nintendo’s lifetime sales, which is around 68.3 million, have overtaken the NES. The lifetime sales were recorded after about 6.86 million Nintendo Switches were sold during the previous quarter. Last year, around the same time, Nintendo had reported a sale of about 4.8 million consoles. Going by these numbers, Nintendo has had an increase in sales of about 43% during the previous quarter when compared to last year.

NPD’s sales figures throw a lot of light on the console’s performance in the US. Presently, the details are as follows: the Switch group seems to have had an amazing sale count in October, which is one of the highest recorded by Nintendo Switch ever. 

Apart from having the best October sales ever, this has set another record now. Having sold a whopping 735,000 units in all during October, which includes the sales numbers for both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch-Lite, this has set another record. These sales figures are just second to the highest number of video game consoles ever sold in October. The Wii system set the highest record, which reported a sale of 807,000 video game consoles during October 2008.

Although the sales are inclusive for both the Switch and the Switch Lite, Switch is more wanted amongst video game lovers. Switch Lite is purely a handheld console. Even during the previous quarter, Nintendo sold about 5.31 units of the Nintendo Switch, compared to the Switch-Lite console’s 1.55 million units.

Taking into account the latest sales figures, the NPD has also revealed that about 22.5 million Nintendo consoles in all have been sold in the US to date.

Owing to its high sales in October, the Switch remains the best-seller in the video game category. It has been a consistent record for almost two years now, or 23 months to be precise. According to NPD, the Switch console is the only one to have maintained such consistent performance and that too for such a long time. The NPD also revealed that no other video game console has ever been so good with its sales for this much time. However, this statement considers when NPD started keeping records of sales figures of video game consoles.

Doug Bowser, the President at Nintendo of America, is very confident that the Switch consoles shall continue reporting high sales throughout the festival and holiday season. He went on to say, “Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite continue to provide one-of-a-kind gaming experiences on the TV or on the go, allowing holiday shoppers the choice of a video game system that matches their lifestyle. Seeing encouraging sales growth like this in the fourth October of Nintendo Switch proves to us that the system has many more years and great games yet to come.”

November also promises to be a good month for Switch sales. It is by taking into consideration the Nintendo Switch bundle that is slated for a Black Friday launch. The Switch bundle would be inclusive of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and membership for Switch Online for a quarter of a year. All of this would be coming for $300. 

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