Official Taco Bell Wine now Available in Canada

Taco Bell has been one of the most loved restaurant chains for a night of drinking or just good food. Following the same, the food chain has been trying to add more and more alcohol-based concoctions to their menu to complete their Cantina concept. 

A very surprising item has been recently added to the menu of Taco Bell, which will surely make many happy. Customers have been expecting changes to the menu, and some new items are like the cherry on the cake. 

Cheesy Chalupas was a fresh addition to the menu that Taco Bell Canada already has. To celebrate the launch of the Chalupas, another menu item was also added to the mix. According to Forbes, custom made wine is also now available to go with the Chalupas. 

Queenston Mile Vineyard in Ontario, Canada, is the Jalapeno Noir creator, which will be served at Taco Bell restaurants starting 16th September 2020. The company has specifically created their wine to go well with the Chalupas Taco Bell is serving. They say that the red wine being served is a limited edition creation with the notes of wild strawberry, cherry, and beetroot will pair well with the “six-month aged sharp cheddar cheese toasted onto the iconic chalupa shell to create a crispy blanket of flavor and texture” of the Chalupas.

Chalupas, a current add on to the Taco Bell menu across Canada, has been a big hit among customers, and now the wine is available. In November, all the U.S. Taco Bell restaurants will also be serving the Chalupas at their counters, but there has been no confirmation about the wine.

Kat Garcia, Taco Bell’s director of brand marketing, explained the food chain’s move in a statement saying, “Wine and cheese are simply meant to be together, so launching a new wine to go with the crave-able, cheddary Toasted Cheesy Chalupa made perfect sense.”

Garcia also mentioned how big and bold ideas are always welcome and how those are the ones that have helped elevate the menu items till now. The new pairing of the chalupas and the custom made Jalapeno Noir seems to be no exception to this notion.

The highlight of the new addition is also that three different bottles of wine will be available on Taco Bell’s website and selective stores for now. For anyone who wishes to complete their collection can buy them for $25 each. One should not expect the Taco Bell official wine to be anything less. Rather it is something you would want to show off.

Wine lovers in the U.S. can wait for the new concoction to reach them but can surely enjoy the Chalupas available in November. More details on the same will be made available by the company later on, as expected from the brand.

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