One can Personalize ‘Stand Goal’ and ‘Exercise Goal’ on WatchOS 7

Apple has officially released iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14 on September 16. Let us see what watchOS 7 brings along with it. 

A very new Apple Watch feature has been included in the watchOS 7. This beauty of this functionality is such that the users can personalize their Activity goals. So now, one can not only set calorie targets, but they can also customize the Stand hours and Exercise minutes. 

In watchOS 6, there is no technique or method by which one can personalize the Stand hours or Exercise minutes. In this earlier version, there is a requirement of at least 12 stand hours and a minimum of 30 hours of exercise for Apple to mark an Activity goal as complete. Contrary to these features, goals can be set and personalized according to the comfort levels of the user in watchOS 7.

For instance, the Exercise goal can be set anywhere within the range of 10 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the amount of time the user wishes to exercise. Likewise, the minimum value for Stand Goal is now 6 hours. The maximum value for this parameter would continue to remain 12 hours, like before. 

Changing Activity Goals

It is also possible to change the activity goals within the device. One needs to access the Activity app on the Apple Watch, scroll down and locate the “Change Goals” option. Under this option, one can look out for Move, Exercise and Stand goals and change them to suit their comforts. 

Other features arriving in watchOS 7

About seven new watch face options arrive with watchOS 7. These are Stripes, Chronograph Pro, GMT, and Artist amongst others. These new watch faces can be shared with others too. 

WatchOS 7 also brings a few additional health and fitness-related features. The latest functionalities that have been added for better health care and control include VO2 Max, sleep tracking and automatic handwashing detection. 

As far as the fitness features are concerned, a few latest workouts have been added that can help users in maintaining their fitness and activity levels. At a glance, these features can help people in achieving their health and fitness targets. 

Apart from the above features, the watchOS 7 can be accessed easily on the wrist. Cycling directions are included on the Maps and Siri provides help in language translation. 

There is also a ‘Family Setup’ functionality that comes along with watchOS 7. This feature allows kids and other older members of the family to take advantage of many useful features of the Apple Watch even though they don’t have an iPhone. For instance, kids can make use of communication and personalization features of the Apple Watch while making use of the Emergency SOS service at any time. Likewise, a new mode called “Schooltime” has been designed exclusively for kids, which can help them concentrate during home and school learning. 

Older adults can get access to a simple onboarding and configuration process on watchOS 7. Apart from all of these, a new Health Checklist has been made available within the Health app on the iPhone, which is quite useful for many. Apple plans to release the watchOS 7 updates to everyone tomorrow. 

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