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OnePlus reveals a mystery phone, ‘Concept One’ in CES 2020 January

OnePlus reveals Concept One at CES 2020

OnePlus finally turns six, and on account of that celebration, the Chinese company has decided to release a new phone in the CES 2020 that will take place in January. The company releases four phones every year with great specification and pro models. They plan to release a Concept One phone next year.

This is happening to mark the celebration of the 6th anniversary. The new Concept One phone will be revealed at the CES 2020 trade show. They are also hosting a special event at the Wynn Las Vegas from 7th to 10th January where this phone will be unveiled to the people.

Based on the speculations, the phone is supposed to have “a vision of both technology and an alternate design approach for the future of smartphones”. They have also clarified that this new phone is the first of many to come in the future.

Not much information has been divulged by the company. They plan to keep a surprise, I guess, for the ultimate reveal. OnePlus just wants to impress the audience with major new technologies and wow the audience, at least that is what they are hoping for. So, if you were pinning for a smartwatch or wireless headphones, you are going to be disappointed. The company definitely plans on releasing a series of handsets under the name ‘Concept One,’ but that is something that will happen in the future.

The information gathered tells us how this new phone is going to be smoother and faster, along with the use of the word ‘burden less’. It is not clear what the company is trying to say, but you can definitely expect a phone with some good high performance. Since foldable phones coming to the market like Samsung fold or Motorola Razor, maybe OnePlus is also planning to launch foldable phones.

The company used phrases like ‘alternate design approach,’ which prompts us to believe that it could be a folding design, but as of now, nothing is certain. We will know for sure in January. The idea of the foldable phone was the conclusion based on the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, which apparently is very similar to a foldable phone. This speculation seems to be a long shot to come to the conclusion that OnePlus is releasing a foldable design. January is around the corner, so the wait is not long.

The OnePlus event show has no confirmed dates or timings; they have just mentioned the dates from 7th January to 10th January, which is basically the entire tech show happening in Las Vegas. The likelihood is that OnePlus may showcase the phone at the beginning of the show so that people can test out the features for the remaining days and make up their mind if they like the new phone or not.

OnePlus does not plan on mass production of the ‘Concept One’ phone, yet. According to the press release, OnePlus will be hosting the event from 10 am to 5 pm on 7th to 8th, and on the remaining days, it will host the event from 9 am to 4 pm (that is 9th to 10th).

Image Source: TechRadar

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