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OnePlus reveals trespassing of its customer data; this second data breach came within 2 years

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Mobile firm OnePlus has reportedly stated that its data has been infringed. This incident occurred within 2 years of the previous instance of data hacking with the same company. Last year, sometime in January, a similar situation had occurred.

According to the Chinese mobile firm, there has been no data breach on any of the customer’s payment information, accounts or passwords. However, the miscreants have taken out details of a few customer names, phone numbers, email addresses and shipping addresses. OnePlus has not shared any details on how many customer details have been exposed.

Ziv C, who is a staff member from the security management team of OnePlus, has confirmed this incident. Ziv has put up a message on the company’s forum as follows: “We want to update you that we have discovered that some of our users’ order information was accessed by an unauthorised party”.


Previously too, OnePlus had landed on a similar situation. During that time, the data of about 40,000 customers was compromised. This time, the company feels that a flaw in its website led the hackers to fetch out important customer information. However, OnePlus refused to divulge any further details.

Customers whose details have been hacked would most probably be receiving spam and phishing emails from the company informing them about the incident. The company has stated that before publicly announcing this incident, it felt the need to inform those users whose details have been compromised.

According to Ziv, necessary steps were taken by the company’s security team to stop the hacker then and there itself. This was done immediately once the data breach incident came into light. Ziv has further stated that they are meeting up with the concerned authorities. Presently, their main focus is towards probing further into the incident and prevent such occurrences in future.

This data hacking incident occurred sometime last week. The same was stated on the FAQ page of OnePlus. However, it has revealed the occurrence of the incident a week later. The company refused to make any comments regarding its delayed notification of the problem.

OnePlus has requested all its customers not to panic in case they have not received any phishing emails from the mobile firm. It has further stated that the users who have not received any information from the firm regarding the incident can stay assured that their data is safe.

The mobile firm has also revealed its plans for establishing a tie-up with a very renowned security firm in the world. It is very likely to launch an official bug bounty program towards the end of December. This may probably prompt many people to ponder if these steps should have been taken after the company’s first data breach incident itself.

At present, one really needs to see whether these steps taken by the firm proved to be effective. Considering the fact that this sort of incident has occurred for the second time in a row does not give really good vibes about the company. The fact that many customers’ personal information has been compromised does not sound pretty good. One can sincerely hope that such instances do not occur in the future.

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