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OnePlus the Best Flagship Phone is now Concentration on its Camera Features

OnePlus the Best Flagship Phone is now Concentration on its Camera Features

Well, many of us are aware that once upon a time, the tagline of “flagship killer” phones was imposed upon OnePlus as the smartphone maker was mainly into manufacturing such type of devices. However, with the passage of time, there has been a tremendous improvement in the quality of smartphones manufactured by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Today, undoubtedly, we have seen one of the best flagship devices within the OnePlus brand dominating the markets and giving tough competition to fellow rival brands.

As much as all of this is true, a fact that cannot be denied is that the overall camera functionality and the quality of photos captured from OnePlus flagship devices are yet to match the camera quality of flagship devices coming from rival brands. The top class camera features exhibited by the best devices coming in from fellow smartphone makers are yet to be witnessed in the best phones of OnePlus. 

However, looks like this aspect is all set to undergo a change from 2021. Yes, that is right. Apparently, OnePlus has vouched to upgrade the camera functionality and characteristics within its upcoming flagship devices. The same has been confirmed by the CEO of OnePlus Pete Lau, who has affirmed this news with Weibo that the company has pitched in a lot of money for enhancing the camera quality within its premium devices such that they offer the best possible performance and would be at par with their competitors.

However, the fact which remains unknown here is how would this entire camera performance enhancement would be brought about. However, there are high chances that the smartphone manufacturer is all set to dig deep within the software aspect of the camera feature so that its performance can be scaled up.

In the next few months down the line, OnePlus smartphones falling within the OnePlus 9 lineup are all set to hit the markets. However, hold on, don’t expect the camera features within these phones to showcase any major premium performance, since the company has just invested money for the same. OnePlus flagship phones slated to arrive during the later part of 2021 may, by all means, possess superior camera qualities. OnePlus phones within the OnePlus 9T lineup are set to arrive sometime during the later part of the year, and hence, one can check the camera features within these devices as they would have been enhanced.

Talking about the OnePlus 9 series, there are speculations that OnePlus is teaming up with Leica for manufacturing the phones within this lineup. Leica Camera, the firm based out of Germany is known for manufacturing superior quality cameras, lenses, binoculars and many more such devices. Ironically, Leica has also been helping out Huawei with its phones, and every one of us is aware of the supreme camera qualities exhibited by Huawei’s flagship phones. Hence, if Leica assists OnePlus while making its phones, then imagine the camera performance within these phones.

The phones lined up within the OnePlus 9 series include OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9 Pro and finally OnePlus 9 SE (this device is also referred to as 9 Lite). These are slated to arrive in March this year. Some other exciting characteristics to be looked upon within these phones include the 45W wireless charging support and the reverse wireless charging feature.

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