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OnePlus to launch its very first smartwatch sometime early next year.

OnePlus to launch its very first smartwatch sometime early next year

With more and more smartphone makers entering the smartwatch market, OnePlus is in no mood to be left behind, which is quite evident now. Reportedly, the smartphone maker is all set to enter the field of smartwatches. OnePlus would be bringing in its very first smartwatch sometime during the early phase of 2021. 

The same has been confirmed by the CEO of the company, Pete Lau, who went on to say that OnePlus would finally be bringing in its very own smartwatch, which was being planned years ago. Rewinding to 2016, everything was in place, and OnePlus had decided to bring in its smartwatch. A few rough designs of the gadget were even presented by Carl Pei, who has co-founded the organization. However, at that point in time, the company was not very much in favor of concentrating on anything else apart from smartphones. Ultimately, the smartwatch project was scrapped off. At that time, Lau had gone on to state to the Wall Street Journal that “We had completed the design but we still decided to scrap it. We have to be focused.”

However, as it is rightly said, one needs to change along with time, and it looks like OnePlus too has gone ahead to adopt a similar strategy. As it is quite known to all, the smartphone manufacturer has brought in many products that are not just smartphones. For instance, the OnePlus buds arrived not very long back. Then the company went on to launch many low-cost Nord phones. OnePlus has even made smart TVs. Hence, it is not at all surprising that the firm has decided on entering the smartwatch sector. 

As of now, not much information is available regarding the upcoming smartwatch. Although the design planned in 2016 was circular, one does not know if the same design would be retained for the upcoming smartwatch or if there could be any change. So far, Lau has not commented on anything.

Another thing that remains unknown is with regards to the OS on which the smartwatch would be running. Although a few reports suggest that the OnePlus smartwatch may not be making use of Google’s Wear OS, Lau has stated that OnePlus is collaborating along with Google to enhance a few sections of the Wear OS. At the same time, Lau has not confirmed either that the OnePlus smartwatch would work on the Wear OS platform. Hence, on summing up the above facts, one could predict that the OnePlus smartwatch could be using the Wear OS, but a lot of clarity is required here.

If one can recollect, Oppo launched its very first smartwatch early this year. It looks like OnePlus is also adopting a similar strategy. Interestingly, both Oppo and OnePlus belong to BBK Electronics. Hence it could be possible that the OnePlus smartwatch may have some qualities similar to its Oppo counterpart.  

So far, other than mentioning that the device would be available early next year, Lau has not stated any specific date on which it would arrive. The company is all set to launch the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro smartphones sometime in March 2021. Hence, people have already begun speculating that the OnePlus smartwatch could arrive at the same time. 

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