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Oops!!! Google releases Android 11 preview only to take it down after some time

Google uploaded Android 11 preview and taken it out after some time

Every time, prior to a new Android version showing up, Google ensures that it launches a beta version as well as a preview update for the same. Usually, these versions make an appearance on Pixel devices in the beginning. And as a matter of fact, the Android Developer 11 preview page was actually live for some time. However, this was not very long before Google took it down.

Features that were ‘caught’ on the Android 11 preview page

Journalists from “Android Police” were pretty quick to make an observation regarding this. For a short time when the Android Developer 11 preview page was up, a quick note was being made of the updates one can expect with this build. Though it is not yet known on whether these changes can be expected with this latest version, one can anticipate functionalities like ‘Share-to-Print‘ and dark mode scheduling in this upcoming version.

A few other noticeable features that were mentioned by Google on the preview page, which was being captured in a short span of time were as follows: 

  1. Impact on application behavior: There could be many changes in the system, which may cause applications to behave differently whenever they run on Android 11.
  2. Security and privacy functionalities: Many additional safeguards have been introduced in a bid to protect user privacy. These will be required in all applications.
  3. Many additional functionalities as well as APIs: Many additional functionalities and APIs have been introduced in order to improvise on the functionalities of foldables, sharing, connectivity, media, NNAPI, biometrics, and many more.

For some time now, Google has been working very hard towards making foldables as an accessible form factor for both OEMs as well as developers. The Galaxy Fold would be coming along with a foldables-specific SDK and an emulator. It looks like foldables would be given a lot of support on Android 11.

Apart from the points mentioned above, not many other things could be noticed. In fact, none of the links seemed to be working on the page. These were the links for adding the Pixel device into the Android 11 Developer Preview and for downloading a factory image on the device. In fact, whenever these links were accessed, what opened was the previous year’s beta program. 

Another noticeable feature here is that the latest version is being denoted as “Android 11 Developer Preview.” Last year, Android 10 was denoted as “Android Q Beta.”

Going by the fact that the page was removed pretty soon, one can only think that Google had perhaps pushed it to go live pretty early or probably, it all happened accidentally. Interestingly, the initial beta version of Android Q Beta did not make an appearance till mid-March last year. So, going by these facts, one can only predict that the builds of Android 11, too, would follow suit. 

However, it could also be possible that Google plans to speed up things this year by releasing builds related to Android 11 a month earlier than usual. It could be either of the ways. Google would be clearing all the facts only when it feels confident about the release. Only time can tell!

Image Source: 9to5google

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