Oppo brings the future of smartphones; ‘Waterfall screen’ phone with curved edges

Oppo shows off waterfall screen phone image

Oppo displayed images of its new smartphone display design which is called as the ‘Waterfall screen’. The device would have round edges. Not just the regular round but the edges of the screen will be at 88 degrees. So as a result, the phone will have an unusually tall aspect ratio when viewed from the front. 

The screen is so extended to the sides that one cannot figure out where the screen ends when held front-facing. You will have to tilt the phone sideways to see that the screen covers much of the side area too and the bezels have very less space to accommodate. 

The dummy phone showed by the Oppo was a notch-less and almost bezel-less front with no buttons on either side. The phone also has no notch or cut-out of any kind for the front camera set up in the official picture shared by the company. The company also showcased a new un-display camera feature with a custom-made display that will hide the front camera on screen.

This pops a question that where would the volume and power buttons be if all of the sides are occupied by the screen only? Well, that question and many more are still unanswered by the makers. There are many usability concerns arising as to how would Oppo avoid any accidental input? Would the extra screen area be touch-sensitive or not? Where would the buttons go? Would the front camera be under the display or pop-up? All of which questions are yet to be highlighted by Oppo.

For now, the company is saying that – “With the innovative ‘Waterfall Screen’ design, OPPO will soon deliver an immersive visual experience and innovative aesthetic to users.” This would be the key technology in the prototype that Oppo will use in its coming new commercial smartphones. 

As per the reports, Oppo did not announce any additional specifications or information as to when a device with the Waterfall screen will be available in the market for customers to buy.  

The company is quite known for some of its greatest innovation of all time and being the pioneer in it. These innovations are aimed at not only notching up the level of smartphones but also to make them available at reasonable prices.  Few of Oppo’s innovations that just brought major turns in the world of technology are- 

  • Rotating camera: This simply eliminated inferior quality pictures and started the trend of the selfie.
  • Selfie AI: The AI takes into account the multiple spots on the users’ face and enhances facial features.
  • VOOC charging: It enabled four times fast charging speed than the conventional charges which saved time and that too with more battery capacity.
  • Hiding the notch: The phone offers a near-bezeless display without a notch or even a camera bump on the back. The camera could be brought up with a sliding mechanism.
  • 5x dual camera zoom technology: Oppo introduced a new technology that would allow the smartphones to enable 5x optical zoom. The mechanism was as innovative as one could ever imagine- instead of having a lens protrude out from the back of the phone, the whole lens assembly was on the inside of the smartphone.

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