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Oppo Smart TV Launch on October 19: Is this One More Step is Towards Success?

Oppo Smart TV Launch on October 19: Is this One More Step is Towards Success?

The smartphone-based company is now initiating its steps into the smart TV market. Oppo announced the news of the smart TV launch by posting it on Weibo. The launch of the smart TV will be on October 19. They don’t reveal any models on their official post, but the Compulsory Certification of China (3C) said that it might release the smart tv in two different sizes 65-inch screens and 55-inch screens. Each size of Oppo smart TV will have 10 models in it. It is also said that the display will be a Quantum Dot full-screen display with a 120Hz refresh rate.

There is also a pop-up camera for TV, which can be used for video calling conferences. But the full descriptions of the camera are not yet disclosed. It also planned to launch new wireless earbuds on October 19. The earbuds are named as Oppo Enco X. They are most likely to release a smartwatch League of Legends Limited Edition on the same event along with earbuds and smart TV. 

They confirmed their entrance into the smart TV market at the Oppo Developer Conference (ODC) 2020. This conference was held last month, where they said that they are going to enter the Smart TV market by launching a Smart TV with advanced features. In this conference, they announced ColorOS 11 and Oppo Watch ECG Edition and their launch in the Chinese market. But they didn’t exactly mention the date of the launch of Smart TV. The tag line for Smart TV is “One More Step,” which clearly states the Oppos fresh start in the Smart Tv market. 

These Oppo smart TVs passed the Compulsory Certification of China (3C) test and were given the serial numbers A65U0B00 and A55U0B00 for 65-inch and 55-inch screen sizes respectively. There is also a talk that this smart TV will have an Audio label of Bang & Olufsen, the top Danish label. Oppo also recently released the footage of Smart TV to maintain the curiosity of the consumers. It is a 4K footage at 120fps released on Weibo. 

Realme, the sister company of Oppo, also entered into the Smart TV market, and they are expanding its range by including new models with exciting features. The price range of realme is attractive for the customers.

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