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Out of Sight Drone Delivery being Tested in Springfield

Out of sight drone delivery being tested in Springfield

Drone delivery has slowly gained popularity in the recent few years and has become a prominent technology to be used in the future. Since the pandemic began, many companies are trying to use drones instead of the workforce to take over deliveries.

Recently, a New Jersey high-tech logistics company has made plans to deliver grocery and drug store items to people using drones. They will be implementing a unique radar system to carry out the delivery. The system allows for beyond visual line of sight and is being tested in Springfield, Ohio.

Drone Express, the company, carrying out the operation, has long term goals of using drones to deliver small packages. Their aim here is to reduce the burden of truck deliveries, which would eventually help in having a positive impact on the environment as well. The autonomous drones they design and manufacture would be the carriers here.

Springfield Beckley Airport is where Principal Engineer Beth Flippo is conducting the current set of tests. On asking why Springfield for the operation, she said, “We wanted to go and try to fly with SkyVision (radar) and see what’s available, and the ecosystem that they have out there in Springfield is just phenomenal.”

Earlier news of the same drone reported that it could detect other aircraft systems flying around and avoid them simultaneously. It allows the air traffic controller to be situated in one place while flying the drone even out of vision. 

Drone Express is one of the firsts in line to test the new technology’s worth in Springfield. Their presence in the area hasn’t been demanded. Rather it is a voluntary operation by the company. Although, other drone companies might now be attracted to testing out their equipment in the field. The State of Ohio is also looking forward to more businesses testing their drones on the same site. 

Mitch Heaton, who was earlier working with Dayton Development Coalition, now works with Drone Express. He was asked about the new operation that the company has undertaken, on which he said “We’ve been working on this in this state for probably about eight years now and just last year it was able to go live and here we are having people taking advantage of it,”

Beth Flippo also explained how the system would be put in place. The idea here is to make the delivery based on the received GPS location and that too within 15-30 minutes. The company has also suggested that they are in no way looking into competing with Amazon, who is already doing their deliveries, but the idea is to give others a chance to do the same. By the end of the year, the FAA certificates would be available on their BVLOS technology, and till then, all kinds of tests would be in place.

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