Pandora’s revamped mobile app is now available to all

Pandora revamped app rolling out to all Image

Pandora’s revamped mobile app is now available to all to experience. After the launch of the redesigned desktop application earlier this year, Pandora launched the redesigned mobile app in October to a very few users.

The revamped version showcases a lot of tweaked features to make the listening experience more divine. One of the new additions is a ‘For You’ tab. The tab features Pandora’s exclusive content that matches the taste of the individual listener. The content that Pandora wants to sell includes ‘Pandora Stories.’ They are a kind of music-and-podcast combos. The other content includes dozen of SiriusXM talk shows and more.

With personalization being the major key to sell any product, Pandora has always been surpassed by Spotify with its almost on point updated playlists, led by Discover Weekly.

Redesigning is not the only thing that Pandora had done to up its game. Recently, it has been released that Pandora has signed a multi-year deal with none other than Marvel. The company is planning to create scripted and unscripted podcasts for the platform. All the podcasts and events will be available on Pandora before anywhere else and will be featured on the ‘For You’ tab.

The ‘For You’ tab will also showcase custom playlists by many star-studded names like LeBron James, Rob Gronkowski, Odell Beckham Jr, Angela McCoughtry, and more. Pandora will also feature an end-year playlist by the names Playback 2019, Pandora’s Top Thumb Hundred 2019 playlist, its ten-year retrospective playlist, and Top Thumb Hundred Songs of 2010-2019.

Pandora focused specifically on personalization in the redesign, and the new Pandora Modes features especially focuses on that. Filters like ‘Crowd faves’ lets you explore content liked by others while ‘Artists’ lets you explore works from one particular artist. Another filter ‘Discover Mode’ allows the user to explore some more content that they may like.

Looking at the stats, it seems that Pandora’s ‘For You’ tab is working better than what was anticipated. According to the company, the tab is currently being used by more than double the number of users that initially used the ‘Browse’ tab. Also, the ‘For You’ tab allows you to explore three times the content found using the ‘Browse’ tab.

The number provided by the company are extremely refreshing, considering the falling numbers of users and listening hours. By the end of the third quarter, the company revealed that the number of monthly active users, nose-dived from 68.8 million from the year before to 63.1 million. The listening hours also fell drastically from 3.59 billion in the third quarter of the last year to 3.32 billion in the third quarter of this year. However, the gross profit increased by 7% to reach $970 million.

With the brands’ new tagline, “life is better, with sound”, the company kick-started its new campaign. The ads on Pandora features artists like Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Lizzo, H.E.R., Maren Morris, Normani, Tones & I, Halsey, Little Simz, Post Malone, and Snoh Allegra. Pandora will also host a large-scale event in the U.S live streaming Halsey’s concert in Time Square, New York, for their campaign.

The VP of Brand Marketing, Creative and Communication at Pandora, Brad Minor, said, “This campaign is all about showing our listeners that Pandora is still the service they know and love, but it looks and feels a whole lot different — a whole lot better. The product is at the center, and we are highlighting the personalized, on-demand content Pandora users want, but may not know we have.”


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