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Pay It Recognized a Woman Helping People with More than 5000 Hand Sewn Masks

Pay It has recognized a woman helping people with more than 5000 hand sewn masks

With the current pandemic situation, it is essential to go out with masks and sanitizers. You can see them wherever you go. Here in Cambridge, a seamstress has provided them with a sigh of relief with the continuous production of hand-sewn masks. Recently at Cambridge Elementary school, Shelly Capps, the principal, came across a woman who sews more than 5000 masks for the students, church, and the community.

The principal at Cambridge elementary school had been in a dilemma before, on protecting the elementary students as well as the higher with masks. She did not have enough supply of masks with her to provide them for each student, be it at the elementary level or the higher. But recently, Tammy Joyce, a woman sewing masks, approached her intending to assist people in fighting against Covid-19 with masks. She had sewn masks for many and has been protecting them against the dreadful pandemic. Moreover, she sews customized masks for the teachers and the staff, and some special masks for each class. 

Joyce thought of serving the community in the best of ways, and thus she turned on her sewing machine to prepare the masks. In the beginning, she had the vision to help protect at least 100 people in the community be it church, friends, family, people, and school. Also, seeing the shortage of raw material, people helped her with the supply of fabric and elastic. Since then, she has expanded her customers with more than 5000 people and has been delivering it to other countries as well via mails. Seeing her progressing, people have even helped her sew masks to reduce the burden. 

Before getting to know Joyce, the school stopped wearing the masks, but with her dedication and passion, Joyce served them with hand-sewn masks for each. She kept on sewing them each day to deliver it to each one of them at the school. Owing to her dedicated efforts, Capps proposed her name or nominated her for the Pay It Forward Award sponsored by Ascentra Credit Union. The Pay It forward mechanism is about when you don’t want to pay back directly to someone who has helped you out. Instead, you look for a third hand to pay back to that person on your behalf. 

Along with the price money of $300, Capps and some students reached out to Joyce and handed it to her as a reward for the passion for serving people. Joyce wished to buy fabric for the masks with this amount when asked by Capps. With her continuous efforts towards protecting people against the pandemic, she has served the entire Cambridge community seamlessly.

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