Pentair’s Connected Salt Level Sensor Ensures a Steady Supply of Soft Water

Pentair, a well-known firm for offering specialized water treatment solutions, has launched the Connected Salt Level Sensor. People looking forward to purchasing this device can do it online. The Connected Salt Level Sensor can be used to monitor the salt level of the water softener. This device can be used at homes so that people have a continuous flow of soft water coming in from their taps. 

Melissa Jones, Vice President of Pentair Residential and Commercial Filtration Solutions, went on to say, “Our goal is to give our customers access to the best possible water quality through smart, sustainable solutions. And we do that in a seamless way, using smart technology that makes life easier for them. The new Connected Salt Level Sensor, paired with the Pentair Home app, makes it simpler than ever for the homeowners to ensure their water softener never runs out of salt.”

Now, many of us must be wondering as to how a water softener works to convert hard water to soft water. These softeners restrict the growth of minerals such as calcium and magnesium within the water such that its quality is improved, and the water becomes suitable for day-to-day activities like cleaning, cooking, and many more. 

Using soft water for dishwashing ensures that there are no hard water spots formed on utensils and dishwashers. Likewise, softened water is easy on the skin and hair too. Moreover, soap usage is minimized during washing clothes or bathing as a good amount of lather is formed, which ensures better cleaning. Using soft water improves the life span of other appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.

To ensure the smooth functioning of water softeners, it is important to monitor the appliance’s salt level frequently. The salt level to be such that it should be able to filter out all the water’s excess minerals. According to Jones, it is extremely important to keep a tab on the water softeners’ salt level. A decrease in salt-levels in these softeners beyond the minimum point would ultimately lead to deterioration in the water quality. Usually, people realize that the salt level is below the minimum prescribed level only when the water quality goes down. 

The ‘Don’t-Forget-The-Salt’ solution

As Jones points out, the Connected Salt Level Sensor is linked to the Pentair Home app to make it simple and hassle-free for users to check the salt level within their softeners via their phones. The solution is to warn the users, via the app, when the salt levels are decreasing. It gives the users some flexibility to purchase and refill the salt according to their convenience, avoiding the eleventh-hour hassles of salt-refilling. 

As the Connected Salt Level Sensor keeps providing reminders for refilling the salt, the solution is termed ‘Don’t-Forget-The-Salt.

The app also checks the battery life remaining and how the sensor device usage is coming along. The app can link itself to multiple sensors if there is a need to monitor the salt levels in softeners installed in different homes. 

The Connected Salt Level Sensor works on battery operations. It can check the salt levels for water softeners of most brands. The universal brine tank clip and well-explained instructions in the app make it very simple for the user to set this up. 

Pentair has developed many such products that have helped users improve the quality of water within their homes. It has provided amazing water treatment solutions to many homes, industries, and businesses at a global level.

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