Phat Scooters Created an Electric Scooter with Wider Tires

What started as a personal project for Peter Johnson, Beau Ralphs, and Dan Hankins is now a well-known brand under Phat scooters. The three began with an electric scooter that they had planned to call ‘Phatty.’ Their work gained attention, which led to establishing their business as it is known today, in 2017.

The Phat scooters that have been developed by the company now comes in fourteen colors. These colors can be customized if the customer requests to do so, but that comes with an additional charge on the basic price.

Although it is not just the colors that make the Phat scooter a very popular product, it is the wide tires. Hardly any electric scooters have they are built developed with the inclusion of wider tires.

Phat scooters have been offering a very different design, which has led the company to also collaborate with users like the Scottsdale Police itself. A customized electric scooter with the design that would look like a police vehicle was created specifically for this project.

Many scooters by Phat were also given to a small business that could use them for delivery purposes. During the pandemic, when everything shut down, and more delivery vehicle options were required, Phat’s electric scooters proved to be very helpful because of their peculiar design.

The facility located in Phoenix, where all the scooters are created, is also where the very efficient technicians work hard to develop intricate designs. Every sticker pasted on the vehicle is done by hand, and technicians like Thomas Ruiz, supervise the same.

Every aspect of the production is taken care of by a different set of personnel collaborating. The connection of wires required in the electric scooters, the upholstery, the plastic lining creation, and almost every step is made under an expert’s supervision. Where Phat scooters stand today in the market is because of the quality of work it delivers in the product.

Phoenix is the new facility where the company has only recently relocated themselves to. Earlier, the production was being carried out from Tempe by a smaller team. Every operation was still central to the same location as it is today in the new south Phoenix facility about which was recently explained by COO Rick Johnson at a conference.

Phat scooters are still trying to get their product out there. That is why a donation was made from their end to local restaurants to be delivered easily during the difficult situation that the pandemic had created.

The design of the scooters that have been donated is quite different from the ones that the company sells the most. The eBike, which is now being used delivery by many, is a rather smaller option than the other model, which has even wider tires.

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