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Pittsburgh based company launching a Drone that can Sanitize Stadiums in about 3 Hours

Pittsburgh company builds drone that cleans stadiums in 3 hours

A company based in Pittsburgh has announced that it has developed a drone that can sanitize a whole stadium in about three hours. The drone sanitizes large places with the use of electrostatic energy, which is a relatively new technology when it comes to sanitization. However, this technology and drone have brought some hope to the people. Concerts, sporting events, and other such public events finally might be held in these times of COVID 19. The company that has worked on this project is the Aeras Fog Company, which is based in Wexford. The business is owned by three gentlemen and entrepreneurs, Justin Melanson, Eric Lloyd, and Nick Brucker.

In an interview, Nick Brucker, the co-founder of Aeras Fog company revealed that the main idea behind building this project was that if the COVID 19 pandemic was going to stay and wasn’t going anywhere for a couple of years, we need to come up with solutions to allow people to get back to the things they love doing and this would be a step in that direction.

The company explained that their drones throw disinfectant out of nozzles, which then gets attracted to the grounds and sticks onto it making a sort of coat on it. Justin Melanson pointed out that there was no room for any human error in these times or missing out on any points and that this drone did not miss anything. Skipping out any patches or points could cause health issues for anyone; thus, accuracy is key.

The company has recently conducted its tests in the Pittsburgh HighMark stadium. The drone can spray disinfectants at a speed of almost 20 acres per hour. The company also claims that the sprayed areas are fit to be occupied about three minutes after the spraying is complete. This makes the drone disinfectant highly desirable for a lot of sporting companies or stadiums since it can carry out the process of disinfection in such a short time. This can be done right before letting people into the stadium. Co-founder Eric Lloyd said in a press release, “We’re excited about the peace of mind this technology has the potential to provide”.

He further noted that people have been bored inside their houses and are starting to wonder when they will be able to get back to attending sporting events or live concerts again. Students have started to want to get back to their schools. He added that “by overcoming one of the major challenges associated with these activities, Aeras will help bring us all closer to sharing these experiences again.” The company is hoping to secure all kinds of licenses by the fall of this year. Once the licenses are in place, they said that the drones are ready to be used anywhere, in big stadiums, Hockey rinks, Nascar venues, Playgrounds, and even in schools.

The co-founders are very positive about the idea; Melanson said, “If we could save a life, 10, 20, 100 lives, this could be a very good thing for everybody right now”. Drones are being actively used in a lot of segments of the society ever since the pandemic has hit the world. Although drones’ usage existed before COVID 19, it was very less compared to the potential that the device has. After the pandemic has struck the world, companies and industries have been trying to come up with safe ways to keep things working, and drones come in handy. They are being used for public surveillance, medical deliveries, spraying of disinfectants, etc.

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