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Google Pixel 4 now runs on any other fast Qi wireless chargers

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After the launch of Google’s Pixel 4, numerous reviews about the phone are circulating on the Internet. The latest news is that Google has uplifted its limitations on Qi fast wireless charging on Pixel 4.

Pixel 3 had the fast Qi wireless charging with a maximum of 5W that can be charged with Google Pixel stand and limited third-party chargers. But now Pixel 4 can be charged with other fast Qi wireless chargers up to 11W.

Mishaal Rahman of XDADevelopers tweeted that Pixel 4 supports 11W Qi wireless whereas Pixel 3 only supported 5W Qi wireless charging. This tweet kindled curiosity among the people, as Google did not mention this anywhere.

This upgrade in Pixel 4 is hugely appreciated by people, as now users can depend on other low priced wireless chargers. Wireless Power Consortium developed Qi wireless charger. They use inductive charging method to transfer energy. Also, this method uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects using electromagnetic induction.

Last year, Google introduced Pixel 3 with Qi wireless charging that can be charged up to 10W with basic power profile. But users discovered that it could only reach a limit of 5 W and prodded to the situation to buy Google accessory to charge the phone. When using third party chargers, Pixel 3 had its limitations and worked with a handful number of other chargers. Thus users were trapped to spend more money.

However, now the Pixel 4 supports fast wireless charging even if users don’t have a Pixel Stand. As now Google opened to third party chargers, any Qi-compatible charger that can output 11W or more should be able to recharge the Pixel 4 at that maximum power level.

Wireless charging is considered to tend to pay attention to this technology. Google effectively doubled the charging speed with convenience resulting in achieving a new standard.

Unfortunately, since the launch Pixel 4 have been on the disappointing side with some issues like, lack of eye detection in face unlock system, missing 4K 60 fps video recording, etc. At first, as per the BBC review, they noticed that the face id feature is working even if users eyes are closed. This created chaos among people as it might lead to certain risks.

Later, Google promised to fix the issue with upgrade in software in the coming months. Now with the ability to charge faster on a wider array of charging pads we can see a huge improvisation in Pixel 4. Though, Google didn’t mention this essentially during the launch event, users seem to welcome this new upgrade in Pixel 4.

Users can use any certified EPP chargers to charge the Pixel 4.(There are Google certified EPP chargers available in the market). Low priced chargers are even available in the market (both online and offline).

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