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Pizza Hut Donates food and cash, seeks new drivers

Pizza Hut donates food and cash, seeks new drivers

Pizza Hut of Fort Wayne restaurants has decided to donate food and cash to contribute to the fight against the Coroavirus. The store is determined to provide free pizzas to local store owners and small businesses. In Clarkesville, the store is looking forward to hiring a total of 45 drivers.

It is a very crucial phase, and what seems even more important is the fact that people need to be fed. There is a dire need to work towards ensuring food security for people in letter and spirit. It is no more a state initiative. It has come to the grass-root level. The rule of the game is simple. If you want to thrive, you need to contribute.

To homeless people and shelters, the chain store has donated more than $ 10,000 of produce. In the previous 3 weeks, the store has been working to ensure that contributions make their way to food banks as well. Todd Hollman, president and CEO of Pizza Hut, stated, “We are all in this together, and as a family, we will come through stronger than ever. We could not be prouder of our nearly 2,000 team members who continue to serve our communities with a smile.”

The president and CEO of Pizza Hut delineated in his statement how he felt it was a crucial time, and people needed to join hands in solidarity to show strength against a common evil. The people of northeast and central Indiana, he urged, must be strong in times of grave situations like these.

Chain stores like Pizza Hut and Burger King have a lot to teach the world and inspire. The Pizza chain store had ensured to deliver raw steaks on the face of an unforeseen calamity too. The store made deliveries that came with a recipe serving details. Using the raw food material and the instruction along with it, people were expected to cook on their own and feed the family. The recipe ensured all went well in the fixed cooking time.

Pizza Hut requires efficient and trained drivers to perform delivery operations regularly and work for long hours. The store shall be conducting interviews via video chat. Pizza Hut is also making its hiring process go fast, and it is ensuring that the selection process is expedited. Ultimately, it is a time when you cannot wait for long, and the results are awaited.

Pizza Hut has been very particular about the whole selection method to get delivery drivers moving on the road fast. Finally, it is all about employing their best men to deliver customers their pizza easily, safely, and of course, quickly. The Atlanta based franchisee owner, GPS Hospitality, which has been a leading services venture in the field of providing workers for delivery needs, said.

The delivery drivers must be trained very well so that they can drive on the road safely, an incomparably lesser amount of time. The GPS Hospitality aims to clamp this time further to cut down the time incurred over training the new fellows. Training procedures usually require a considerable amount of time. But, the company has other plans for the current scenario.

The company underlined that the driving would be accomplished in not more than 5 hours, which is almost 3 times quicker than the earlier training procedure. As the demand for contactless services increases, it gets even more crucial for companies and services to incorporate a safer and no-contact method for tackling the crisis. 

As per GPS Hospitality President Michael Lippert, building the delivery teams to ensure quality food options for their customers has been their first and foremost vision to which they are committed. The company is looking forward to employing new drivers immediately. It has also informed that those open positions are going to be permanent.

The following are going to be some of the hiring locations: 1889 Fort Campbell Blvd., 301 N. Broadway, Portland, Clarksville, 703 South Riverside Dr., 1055 Mineral Wells St., Paris, Clarksville, 1933 Tiny Town Rd., Clarksville, 640 Old State Rte. 76, White House, 243b W Main St., Camden, 642 Highway 46 South, Dickson, 2401 Fairview Blvd. West, Fairview, 1901 Wilma Rudolph Blvd., Clarksville, 2854 Highway 41 S, Greenbrier, 175 Hwy 76, Clarksville, and 673 S. Mount Juliet Rd., Mount Juliet.

The above locations have an immediate hiring requirement.

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