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Want to play Doom within Minecraft? Do so by booting a Windows 95 PC inside it !!!

Doom can be played within Minecraft by booting Windows 95 PC inside it

How many of us can recollect the Windows 95 Operating System? Many of us even fancied the game called “Doom” that was quite famous back then. We are all aware of the fact that the Windows 95 operating system is quite compatible with Xbox one and Apple Watch. It can even be downloaded or installed as an app on macOS, Windows, and Linux. 

Has anyone thought of setting up the Windows 95 PC on Minecraft? If not, then this might be the right time to do so. 

A latest VM Computers mod has come up that has specifically been designed, keeping Minecraft in mind. Now, what does this mod do? Well, it permits the players to procure computer chunks from a satellite moving around a Minecraft environment. Using these chunks, one can set up a computer that can be used to boot a Windows 95 system and even other operating systems according to their choice and requirement.

The mod utilizes Virtualbox, which does not require any cost. Moreover, it is a non-proprietary virtual machine software. With this, it becomes quite comfortable to work on Operating Systems like Windows 95. Now, how does one get this working inside Minecraft? Well, one simply needs to push in a PC case block within Minecraft. This can be used to design virtual hard drives that can help in the setup and installation procedures of operating systems from ISO files. 

The Minecraft team has been conducting a lot of tests and experiments with VM Computers mod. No wonder that someone has finally managed to get Doom running inside Minecraft. Although, there is still a lot of room for further exploration in this regard, particularly when there are a lot of PCs that can have the ability to boot various operating systems within different Minecraft environments. The day may not be too far away when one can play Minecraft on a system located within Minecraft itself. 

With Windows 95 and Doom working within Minecraft, one can say that the final test has been cleared for this mod. However, one needs to wait and watch if Crysis can run within Minecraft? Well, only time can tell. 

Recently, there is a report on Minecraft shifting from Amazon to Azure. Although Minecraft belongs to Microsoft, it was using the Amazon platform for its online framework. Well, looks like this scenario is all set to change pretty soon. If reports are to be believed, then Minecraft may move over from Amazon to Azure.

Microsoft is set to benefit from this latest development. Minecraft is one of the most demanded games in the world. At the same time, the Azure section has been performing very well for Microsoft. Even if very few players pay for Minecraft, the money going to Microsoft’s competitors would be quite less. 

Minecraft has been moving all cloud-based services to Azure over the past few years.

We all know that, Minecraft is a video game founded and created by Mojang Studios. Minecraft has won a lot of appreciation, and it has also bagged several awards. Recently, the game earned the recognition of being the greatest and the most influential games in recent times. The game is quite popular amongst today’s youth. And these updates on Minecraft makes it more popular.

Image Source: The Verge

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