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PocketBook Launched The All New 7.8-inch E-Reader In The Market

PocketBook Launched The All New 7.8-inch E-Reader In The Market

PocketBook, a company known for manufacturing e-readers, has launched its all-new InkPad in the market. The InkPad comes with the Kaleido panel, which is the newest technology in the market. The company has produced this e-reader with the goal of being the first company to use the latest E Ink technology. 

However, the specifications of the new E-reader are quite the same as the previous generation. It has 300 DPI resolution for monochrome articles and 100 DPI for the colourful ones. The things that you would find new in this device is the size and the new colour filter. When asked about the E-ink technology, PocketBook said that the new Kaleido version has a different colour panel. This particular colour panel offers better colour saturation and contrast and is pleasing to the eyes. Instead of using a smartphone or a tablet for reading your favourite magazine, you can now use this InkPad. It has glare-proof technology that protects your eyes from the device’s rays and makes reading more comfortable. 

With the increased size of the device, PocketBook made sure that the device is portable and good enough to read magazines and books on the go. Though the previous version was 6 inches long, it still felt like holding a smartphone. The new InkPad is more like a small tablet that you can carry around. Due to its increased size, the resolution has also increased. The current resolution of the device is 1404*1872 and is even light in weight. It is only 225 grams in weight and around 8 mm thick, making it suitable to fit in your handbag.

Talking about the storage and the operating system of the InkPad, PocketBook has changed the system a bit. The InkPad has a dual-core 1 GHz CPU and a RAM of 1 GB and a ROM of 16 GB. It is enough to store tons of magazines and books in the device. Moreover, the InkPad even has a MicroSD slot that allows you to expand the device’s storage capacity.

Another interesting thing about the new InkPad is that it runs on Linux, which makes it user-friendly. Besides that, you even get two different connectivity options in this device. You can either connect the InkPad with Wi-Fi or over Bluetooth. When inspecting the device, we found that the InkPad supports tons of formats. It supports ePub, PDF, FB2, HTML, CBR and even CBZ format. The InkPad even supports audio files and text-to-speech documents. Instead of keeping different apps for different types of articles, you can now store all the articles and books on one device. 

The InkPad is the perfect device to read magazines without having to compromise on the resolution or colour palette of the pictures. PocketBook has even increased the battery life of the InkPad. The device now has a battery of 2900 mAh. The cost of the InkPad is USD 329 and is already available on Amazon and Newegg. People in the USA and Europe can buy InkPad and start using it. 

Image Source: TheVerge

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