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Pokémon Go abuses file system access permissions once again; this time to detect TWRP Folders

Pokemon Go sneaks into files for TWRP and locks users out of the game

Read the heading again! Did we add that they lock you out if such a folder is detected? Well, that is nothing but just the truth. Pokémon Go has been found to be abusing the file system access permissions that it obtains from its users, as per a post on Reddit. Given that the game enjoys a massive amount of popularity, this should not be seen as something trivial. In fact, the software must already be having access to the file systems of millions of the players which are hooked on to the game.

The post has claimed that the developers have used this permission to sneak into the storage and files of the users earlier also. But that some year ago and the company had received some right amount of backlash. But now it seems as if the developers have not learnt the rules of fair play as of now. And, this fact alone is an alarming one. As per the post, starting some time ago, the parent company Niantic has begun abusing those sections of a phones’ internal file system, where they should not have access.

The previous time, Niantic was allegedly making its way to the deep recesses of the storage system in a bid to find out if the users have installed something sort of a ‘Magisk’ folder there on their internal storage. Once they confirm the presence of the said folder, they next claim that the system has been rooted. They take rooting as the one and only ground to expel the user from the game saying that the player has a cheating tendency. The user is then locked out.

That was a laughable reason to deem a user as a cheat. Nevertheless, after the instances, the folder company stopped making the use of Magisk folders. The gaming continued at ease. But, the situation was not done and dusted there itself. The post claims that this time, the gaming company is looking for a TWRP folder which could be present on your internal storage. This is their latest approach which makes them believe that the same is an act of a cheater.

The latest version unfolds from the version 0.167.0 onwards. This is unfair, and users are both furious and shocked once they get to learn about it. You cannot block the access to internal storage to refrain from facing the problem because the game apparently needs the internal storage to be written over it. Even, we had users who tried to delete everything related to rooting which included APKs of rooting apps, log files, zip files, Titanium Backup, or any file which has “xposed”, “root”, “magisk” or anything like that mentioned on its title. 

Lo and Behold! The game, Pokemon Go immediately started operating.

The company makes it a custom to go as far as to lock you out of the game version, which is the latest. There is a considerable number of legal and ethical uses of TWRP files and cheating is not one of them. Thus, the fact that the gaming company is making a point to include TWRP files under its lens that recognizes them to be illegitimate is nonsensical and a ridiculous idea at best. This is another way the game developers are exploiting the access permissions!

TWRP is nothing but the short form for the TeamWin Recovery Project. This system of files works to provide a custom recovery environment for all those systems that are based on Android. The TWRPs enhance the efficacy and functionality pertaining to subjects like the backups and recovery of the stock, such as the capacity to build reserves of the complete system. The TeamWin Recovery Project also lets its users install a custom stock which can be helpful.

The custom usage strikes in crucial situations, for instance, take the case of those owners who have owned a specific phone for long and now wish for a new system. Thus, TWRPs can be legitimate, and they have numerous useful and beneficial applications for the phone owners. But, Niantic has refused to recognize the enormous list of ethical uses of the system and blacklisted it. Their approach costs the gamers the latest version of the game which they are barred from playing.

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