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Pokemon Sword and Shield crashing with Roku devices

Pokemon Sword and Sheild crashes Roku image

In recent reports, it has been found that the new Pokemon update has been causing some severe problems in some of the Roku devices. The Nintendo Switch game is making it difficult for Roku devices to work correctly. The new Pokemon game was released on the 15th of November and was warmly welcomed. But now, it seems like the game has got some issues with Roku devices.

Why are the Roku devices crashing with the new Pokemon game? The reason is that the Pokemon games search for fellow Pokemon players online, and during this search, the Roku devices absorb this information, thinking it as its own, and when the device tries to read the data, it fails due to which the crash occurs. The Roku company has confirmed the reason for Reddit, and they are currently working on the solution for this.

“We are aware of an issue when using Nintendo Switch and the latest Pokemon game impacting a limited number of Roku devices. We are rolling out a software update to resolve it, and impacted users can check for the update by going into Settings> System> Software Update,” said the company in an email to CNET.


The problem was found out by Mazinger- Z, a Rediiter who found this issue when his wife was playing the new Pokemon game, and her Roku device got stuck. When he checked online, he discovered that not only her wife, many more users were facing the same problem. To solve the problem, he found a temporary solution, which is to switch the Nintendo Switch in airplane mode while playing the game. This particular method prevents the Pokemon network from searching for fellow Pokemon players, and hence, the Roku devices will not get any information, and the lagging of the device will be stopped.

When the couple dug a bit more, they found the problem, which was the cause of the crashing of the device. The new Pokemon game, which made its appearance on the 15th of November, uses a network called Y-Comm, which even allows players to have link battles with other players and send notifications through the same system. While the Y- Comm network is searching for players, the Roku devices found it to be similar and attempt to read it and, as a result, fails, thus entering a boot loop and causing the problem.

Though the method devised by Mazinger- Z is a temporary one, and can only work for some amount of time. Meanwhile, Roku has stated that it is working on an update that would avoid the device from collecting any such data and provide the players with a pleasant gaming time. Currently, the creators of the new Pokemon game have not given any public comment on this situation, while on the other hand, Roku is working on the update. The affected users can use the temporary solution provided by Mazinger- Z till a permanent solution comes into view, or you can even prevent playing the game for some time.

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