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Man who arrested for dumping refrigerator off a cliff now forced to bring it back

Man forced to bring the refrigerator back that he threw off a cliff image

While people around the globe are concerned about the climatic change and taking steps to protect the remains of Mother Nature, there are still some people in the world who take climatic change and pollution as a joke and do a lot of harm to the environment. Recently, a man, from Spain, had created a video mocking the concept of recycling along with dumping a used refrigerator off a cliff in the Almeria region.

The video went viral on social media within a few hours where the man was seen to be unloading a refrigerator from a van, saying, “Let’s go recycle it” while taking it to drop from the cliff ad saying, “Let’s see how many flips it can do.” They rolled the refrigerator off the cliff and were even laughing about it. In the video the license plate of the van was visible and according to sources, it was found that the man was an employee of a company of domestic appliances. Spain’s Guardia Civil police immediately took action on the man.

The man and his friend were asked by the police to take the fridge from the cliff back to their place. A video was also made of this task which was later made viral on social media. They are even going to appear before the court on the basis of “environmental crime” where it would be decided that whether they would be giving an administrative fine or more, according to Luis Gonzalez, a Guardia Civil spokesman, who told the news to CNN.

For now, the police department is still investing on the company where the man worked, which, when investigated, was found that the facilities there were unearthed about 50 washing machines stored in the outer courtyard of a warehouse amid dry vegetation, according to reliable sources. Though the man was not disclosed publicly, due to which the media was unable to track him down. It is clearly known that electrical appliances should be disposed of properly, which if not done properly, would release toxic gases which can harm the atmosphere.

In such situations, where climatic change is in red alert, it is important for people to understand how important it is to reduce pollution and try to save Mother Nature in any way possible. The action made by the man showed how ignorant people can be. This action can even encourage some more people of the same mentality to do the same thing or something similar which would harm the environment and would, according to them, make them look cool in the social media. The action taken by the police was not only the right one but it would show the people around the world the importance of saving the environment. 

In the era of social media, everything that goes viral has two kinds of response; one which is in support of the thing and the other that is quite opposite. While the video of dropping of refrigerator off the cliff had many “against” opinions, there were also people who supported the video and turned it into a joke. The same goes for the video showing the action taken by the police. Ignorant is not cool, not caring is not cool; it is time for us to take notice of the changes happening in our surroundings and try to help as much as we can or we would be treated the same way by Mother Earth.

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