Popeyes Launches its Buffalo Ranch Tenders for Summers 2020

Popeye’s has launched a seasonal burger called Buffalo Ranch Tenders, for the summers of 2020. This burger will be introduced in working outlets all across the country. Given that some outlets may be closed due to the COVID19 situation.

The buffalo ranch tenders will be available for a limited time in the popeyes restaurants. These ranch tenders are already catching customer’s attention because of the added Louisiana seasoning and buffalo ranch sauce drizzle. This mix will bring about a combo of a sweet and sour taste.A Buffalo Ranch Tenders Dinner or combo will cost you anywhere in between $5 to $7 if it is a three-piece dinner. If it is a nine-piece dinner, it will cost you about $7 to $9.

A Buffalo Ranch Tenders dinner consists of a regular side and a biscuit, whereas A Buffalo Ranch Tenders combo includes a regular side, a biscuit, and a small drink. The buffalo ranch tenders dinners, as well as its combo order, come paired with Popeye’s very famous ranch sauce dipping. The Buffalo ranch tenders can be picked up at the store or bought at a drive-thru. Customers can even avail contactless deliveries of their Buffalo ranch tenders.

Popeyes has taken into consideration the social distancing norms that the government has established in light of the current pandemic situation. The staff at any Popeye’s outlet compulsorily wear masks and gloves. Sanitization is implemented at all outlets. Some of the Popeyes restaurants may not have made dining-in available yet. Contactless service is carried out to as much extent as is possible, said Jose Cil, CEO of Popeyes parent company, in his letter to the restaurant brand international.

Jose also added that they’re looking to open up most of their dine-ins finally. The company has taken note of the current situation. They have concluded that they may have to change most of the traditional methods of working in a restaurant chain. They have also considered that things will change “certainly for the foreseeable future and possibly forever,” noted Jose Cil. 

Although the current COVID 19 situation has put a huge dent in all industries across all economies, fast food chains and restaurants have especially taken a comparatively larger fall. Only recently have some places started to open up their dine-in services. Amidst the lockdown and quarantine situation, topped with the safety hazards, customers had been very skeptical about consuming outside food. Restaurants serving dine-ins have followed all sorts of safety measures as per the guidelines of the local authorities. 

Well known and competing for fast-food chain KFC has surprisingly brought out news that it is in the process of bringing out a new fried chicken sandwich that it is currently testing. This fried chicken has noticeable similarities to popeyes Buffalo Ranch Tenders.

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