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Popeyes Ready to Trade its old Brand Image for a New Crispier Look.

Popeyes ready to trade its old brand image for a new crispier look

According to most of the customers, and the enticing thing about the Popeyes restaurant chain is its very delicious sandwiches. Since last year it has been gaining quite some popularity amongst customers. This wave of fame has ties to Popeye’s famous chicken sandwich. This sandwich was the cause of the chicken sandwich wars that initiated online last August in the form of trending hashtags. They opened one of their very first flagship restaurants in Shanghai on the 15th of May. The looks and ambiance of this restaurant were specifically chosen to showcase the new brand image that Popeyes is looking to take up.

Popeyes, as a brand, has seen some rebranding through the decades, given that it originated in 1972 in New Orleans and has come a long way. Popeyes had been working on changing its brand image for quite a while. Sources say it was a topic of discussion since 2018. After the boost in popularity from the chicken sandwich last year, Popeyes had made up the mind. The firm is ready to completely give itself a new look and image that will cater to a broader range of audiences and customers.

Changing the brand’s image was not an easy task since Popeye’s wanted, at the very least, to maintain its brand culture. The current logo and brand image are somewhat warm, quirky, fun, and exudes a form of playfulness. It would certainly evoke the little kid inside you. Popeyes is now looking to move on to a little more reserved and formal brand image as it has significantly grown in size and reach. It wants to reach out and relate to a broader customer base to increase sales.

JB Hartford, the creative director at Jones Knowles Ritchie, said that everything was dissident. He was hired by Popeyes to carry out this crucial task of creating a brand image that would feel known to its older customers and yet be a welcoming and relatable one for the new customers. JB noted that it was relatively hard to come up with a good idea because he wanted to be “cool, contemporary and relevant.” At the same time, he also wanted to preserve the brand’s “warmth, humanity, and familiarity.”

Although it has been noted that most of the old brands go through this change in brand image at some point and thus this concept is not very unknown amongst customers and brands. Hartford made sure that they followed certain priority criteria for designing the brand’s new logo. According to these criteria, food came. First, the color from the Popeyes original logo was to be used to maintain familiarity. They needed to incorporate its Louisiana origination and use bold graphics. She worked with her team to produce a logo that suits Popeye’s old brand image and boosts their idea of appealing to more customers.

Debbie Millman, chair in SVA’s Masters in Branding program, commented on the finished logo, saying, “It is clean and confident and a vast improvement over the goofy bouncing letters of the previous logo.” They also created multiple illustrations as the background and also formed a new chicken called ‘Poppy.’ All of these illustrations will follow the same color scheme as the brand logo, which is a lighter shade of orange. Overall the new logo is ready to give Popeyes a new and crisp look.

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