Power Vision Producing Drones that can be Navigated through Water

Drone technology has taken center stage in recent times as more and more companies and individuals are experimenting with their use. Power Vision Robot Corporation is one of the companies making a significant contribution to the industry with its cutting-edge drone technology. 

PowerVision Robot Corporation is already a leader in significant areas such as smart drones, artificial intelligence, virtuc al reality, and augmented reality. Now, they have their waterproof drones taking the limelight. These drones can dive under the water and even glide on top, making the use even better.

Many have bent backward to see what a drone can do and can’t. Three of the devices that have been launched by Power Vision Robot Corporation are already award winners. The names of these drones have also been titled accordingly – PowerEgg X, PowerRay, and PowerDolphin, given they can do well with water.

Wally Zheng, Founder and CEO of PowerVision was asked of his views on the same, to which he says, “Whether getting the bird’s eye view of the family out kayaking on the lake with PowerEgg X, fishing along the river with PowerDolphin, or diving underwater to explore coral reefs with PowerRay, time out on the water has never been more fun.”

Zheng also explains that even though what they do seems a lot of fun, a lot of grueling hard work has gone into developing what the company can deliver. He also claims that many of their drones today are being used in various operations like search and rescue support, scientific research, etc.

Each of the award-winning products that have been developed by Power Vision has a very distinctive feature that makes what they are. PowerEggX is the most popular out of three, given it’s the first of its kind in the industry. The fully modular design can be used to switch between the three modes it carries. It is also the costliest out of the three and available under three packages of $899, $949, and $1099 based on features.

The PowerEggX can take off and land on water if you want. Heavy rain won’t stop you from flying it, rather make the experience more fun. A 4K/60fps camera has been incorporated into the design, making it a very high-performance drone to be used on the field. Additional features like automatic obstacle avoidance, precise landing, intelligent flight modes, wind speed resistance make it a very reliable product.

As for the other two drones, PowerDolphin is a very streamlined product that justifies its name while on the other hand, PowerRay is more of an intelligent underwater robot. Both have 4k cameras, which are great at what they are supposed to do, getting good quality images.

PowerDolphin can be used by photographers, fishers, boat owners, water sport enthusiasts, divers, and emergency responders alike. It has a great rotating camera that works well on angles, both underwater and above water. The navigation aspect has also been well nailed here, as it uses sonar technology for mapping while there’s built-in GPS.

PowerRay, on the other side, is the best for shooting underwater as it carries a 4K UHD camera. The maximum that it can go down to is 98 ft, which is amazing, and the user can get 1080p live footage from there.

Both of them are currently available under varied packages right now, the PowerDolphin for $899 and $799 and PowerRay for $499 after 50% off.

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