Prices of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S out, both arriving on November 10

In August, Microsoft announced that it plans to bring the Xbox Series X on board sometime in November, timing its release close to the holiday season. According to Windows Central, there are confirmed reports that the video game console is all geared up for its arrival on November 10, to be precise. The Xbox Series X console is expected to cost $499. 

Along with the Xbox Series X arrival news, some reports indicate the leaks of the Xbox Series S console. In August, a controller packaging surfaced online, giving rise to rumors about Microsoft’s much-spoken affordable and next-generation console’s upcoming arrival. Reportedly, the Xbox Series S console would also be arriving on November 10, according to Windows Central. 

Previously, only the controller packaging was leaked. Now, users may get a fair idea of how the Xbox Series S console looks, thanks to Twitter user Brad Sams for leaking out an image of the console. Sams’ image indicates that the Series S console looks pretty much like the Xbox Series X console, if not the same. 

The publication reports that the Xbox Series S console would be priced at $299, which is cheaper than the Xbox Series X console. Considering that this one is also slated to arrive during the holiday season, parents can think of giving this one to their kids who can make good use of their time during their vacations. 

Moreover, the Xbox Series S would not require a disc as it is supposedly arriving without a disc-drive. Rumors surrounding the Xbox Series S started surfacing sometime last year, which further stated that Microsoft was developing a console without a disc drive with a codename “Lockhart.”

By the name of WalkingCat, another Twitter user has uploaded a video that showcases both the consoles together. By looking at the video, one can easily get an idea that the Xbox Series S console is much smaller than the costlier Xbox Series X console. The Series S console can easily fit into the Series X one. The Xbox Series S console is expected to be equipped with many of the latest “next-gen” characteristics like quick starting of multiple games and ray tracing. 

Windows Central reports that Microsoft intends on giving out a $35-per-month Xbox All Access financing option for the Xbox Series X console. Likewise, for the Series S console, the tech giant offers a $25-per-month Xbox All Access financing option, says Windows Central. Microsoft would reportedly try rolling out the Xbox Series S console in as many international markets as possible owing to its cheaper cost. Xbox fans worldwide would be tempted to go for the Series S console owing to its lesser cost. 

The Xbox Series S has been developed to support 1080p and 1440p gaming. It is also equipped with a lesser RAM when compared to the Xbox Series X. Moreover, the CPU of the Series X console is any day more powerful than the CPU of the Series S console. On the other hand, the Xbox Series X console would be having a resolution of 4000p and 60FPS as a standard, with a few games like Halo Infinite touching up to 120 FPS. These kinds of differences between the two consoles are pretty evident, as one can see the differences in their price range.

Image source: Engadget

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