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Product Recalls by Whirlpool for Washing Machines

Product recalls by Whirlpool for washing machines

Whirlpool has issued a warning for its customers under a major product recall. It is for all the users in the UK to check if their washing machine is affected by the recall. A free replacement or repair will be provided to anyone whose machine comes with the defects which have become the reason for the product recall.

The product recall is specifically for the Hotpoint and Indesit brand washing machines manufactured from 2014 to 2018. The product’s potential risk was identified later in 2019, and now the manufacturer is urging people to get their purchases screened. 

The recall campaign has helped the brand grow a lot and expand the customer base as well. Since its launch, more than four million customers have come forward with the issues in their products. The good news is that 95 percent of them have already been given a solution to assure that nothing is potentially wrong with what they are taking home. 

Out of the total people who came forward in the recall program, 263,000 had registered an affected model. 93 percent of this number have already had their issues resolved in time. Now, the brand is urging customers in the UK who have bought a washing machine from any of the two sub-brands to come up and get their product checked. A fresh plea has been issued regarding this by the brand. 

To make the process quicker, 54000 units were added by Whirlpool from its database into the recall program. The owners of these washing machines were contacted to check the products can be done within time. The brand wishes to check each model so that no issues arise in the future. Hence anyone who has even recently gone their product checked is required to do so again. 

It will be made sure that all social distancing norms are followed during the repair or resolution process. Since the beginning of the pandemic, strict rules have been laid into place by the company to ensure both customers and personnel’s safety. The entire team that does repairs has face masks, gloves, and a PPE kit. Contactless deliveries are also in place if required. 

Recently, in a statement, Jeff Noel, Vice President of Whirlpool, said that “Customer safety is our number one priority, and while we are pleased to have resolved hundreds of thousands of cases already, we want to help as many affected households as we possibly can.”

Noel also added about the recent product recall and how it is equipped to do repairs and replacements as required for the products with their customers. The recall has been going through since the beginning of the year and throughout COVID-19 as well. 

Customers should check in their appliances on the recall website and get informed on whether they have an affected product or not.

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