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Proud Moment for Indians as Facebook Makes a Deal With Saregama

Proud Moment For Indians As Facebook Makes A Deal With Saregama

On Wednesday, when Facebook made a global deal with Saregama, we Indians cannot be more proud. The tech giant made a deal with India’s oldest music archives, hence allowing the users to add a variety of music to their stories and profiles.

Previously known as the “Gramophone Company of India Ltd.” Saregama is no doubt one of the largest and oldest music archives of India. The company is known to have around 50% of the music recording of India. Be it movies, recordings, or normal playback songs, Saregama has it all, and now users will have an option to choose from it. Around 100,000 songs are available in the catalog, including film, devotional, ghazal, and many more, and that is too in 25 languages.

“At Facebook, we believe music is an integral part of self-expression and bringing people closer together and creating memories that last. We are proud to partner with Saregama that will allow people on our platforms, globally, to use their favorite retro Indian music to enrich their content on our platforms further,” stated Manish Chopra, the Director, and Head of Partnerships of Facebook India.


With the help of this partnership, people will now be able to add music from legends such as Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kuma, R.D. Burman Mohammed Rafi, Asha Bhosle, Gulzar, and many more. Moreover, the managing director of Saregama India made the following statement regarding the deal, “We are pleased with this partnership as millions of Facebook users will be able to add music from our vast catalog to stories and videos they create and share.”

However, for now, we only know that the deal is done, but what are the terms and conditions of this partnership? We don’t know it yet. Furthermore, with the help of this deal, Facebook will be able to use the label’s music and give its users options in their stories, profiles, videos, and even music stickers.

However, this is not the first time Facebook has made such deals. Previously, Facebook had made deals with Yash Raj Films, Zee Music Company, and even T-Series, one of the top YouTube channels in India. In addition to that, Facebook has even made a deal with Universal Music Group, which has allowed Facebook to use its recordings and public labels for videos. 

Recently, in the year 2018, Facebook had also made a deal with Spotify, which allowed the users of Facebook and Instagram, use music from Spotify to add to their stories and videos. Moreover, Spotify also made a deal with Saregama, which was a success. Now, users can also get to hear music and recordings from the catalog of Saregama in Spotify. 

So, if you are adding stories to your social media account, you can search for songs from the Saregama catalog and add it to your stories. You can get all the legendary songs and add the original songs in your stories, instead of the new remixes that are done.

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