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Puronics launches solar-powered Water Softener systems for water treatment at homes

Puronics brings a line of solar-powered water treatment units on board

Puronics Water Systems Inc is a well-acquainted company that manufactures water treatment units. It undertakes the production of water treatment systems for commercial as well as residential purposes. And the latest news coming from the company is that they have designed and launched a string of water treatment systems that work with the aid of solar energy. With these systems, people in residential areas can opt for a more environment-friendly method of water softening treatment. And the best part is, as these systems work on solar power, there is no tension of any power outage.

This solar-powered feature can be used on those units which make use of an iGen control valve. This is also inclusive of Puronics Bacteriostatic and Chlorostatic water softener and filter systems. The solar power can be used by storing it in a battery pack that can be replaced and recharged. The solar panel unit can be placed at a distance of 18 feet from the unit for the best purposes.

Scott Batiste, CEO of Puronics, stated that “We are excited to offer our customers a new way to save energy and money. People are becoming more aware of how important it is to use high-quality water, and they need environmentally-friendly options.”


Puronics is well-known for producing many varieties of water treatment units. It does the manufacturing of water softeners as well as no salt “green” water filtration systems – which implies that there is no requirement to add salt within the unit for water softening. It is also in the production of drinking water systems. It has expanded its business for well water treatment also as it produces appropriate units for the same.

It is important here that the iGen digital control valve should have a patent. This patented valve has the capability of maintaining at least 60 days of water usage history. This would help in maximizing the efficiency of water and salt. Another important point with regard to this valve is that it warns the user when the time arrives for the filter to be changed. 

The sale of Puronics water treatment systems is usually done through a nationwide network of corporate-owned and independent dealers.

A summary of Puronics Water Systems, Inc. and its businesses

Puronics Water Systems, Inc., has its headquarters based out of Livermore, California. It has been in the business of manufacturing consumer and commercial water treatment units for the last 70 years. The technologies that are embedded in the products that have been manufactured by Puronics include ion exchange, bacteriostatic filtering, micro-filtration, ultra-filtration, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, and ultra-violet disinfection. 

The water treatment solutions provided by Puronics are usually used by companies for their manufacturing processes. These techniques are also used for pre-treatment of boilers, hot water heaters, dishwashers, steam-handling equipment as well as other devices that require water.

Very recently, Puronics was awarded the prestigious Feefo Gold Trusted Service award. This award represents an independent seal of excellence. It appreciates those companies whose businesses are known for providing exceptional services. These are derived based on customer ratings. This simply implies that customers are extremely satisfied with the solutions provided by Puronics.

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