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Qualcomm Adds a New Processor Chip to Six-Series

Qualcomm adds a new processor chip to six-series

Qualcomm has planned for a 6-series chipset to support the upcoming next-generation network technology, that is 5G. Another one from the six series is set to be launched today under the name of Snapdragon 690 which will be the first in the entire series to be able to support 5G technology and more. This new chip will easily support the slower sub-6Ghz versions of 5G but not the faster ones like the mmWave standard. Developments can be expected later on.

Users can expect a lot from the Snapdragon 690 as it comes with a lot of improvements in comparison to the other in the entire set of six-series chips. Qualcomm has also said that it will be much better than the Snapdragon 675, which was launched earlier because it will offer 20 per cent better CPU performance and 60 per cent faster graphics rendering. 

The launch of the new chip Snapdragon 690 is not only the single aspect of the plan to accommodate 5G technology. A new Snapdragon X51 modem designed by the company will offer additional support in the incorporation of the 5G technology at a broader spectrum than just through a chipset. 

The company’s aim of introducing the 5G technology in budget phones is also clear with the launch of the new series-six chipset, which will accommodate the network technology in most phones. Previously, 5G was only compatible with the top-tier 8-series chipsets that Qualcomm had launched earlier, including the Snapdragon 865, and even the Snapdragon 765 and 768G. Now the spectrum for the technology is much broader with the launch of Snapdragon 690. 

Smartphone users should not instantly expect to see 5G accommodating chipsets in mid-range phones of the price $150 to $200 because it will take some time for phone makers even to start using the Snapdragon 690 or more that come after it. Even more time than that would be taken by smartphone companies to eventually launch their phones with 5G compatibility in the market, especially in the mid-range. 

It still is a great initiative that Qualcomm has taken through Snapdragon 690, which will help the new network technology reach more users at a much quicker pace, obviously more development in the field is expected in the coming time period. 

Although it is not just 5G technology that the new Snapdragon 690 chip supports, there are a few other features also which are worth highlighting here. Faster refresh rates will be possible because it will be able to support 120Hz display and 4K HDR video recording will also be possible. 192 megapixels cameras can also be easily abled on mid-range phones once the new chipset is used in a phone, giving phone makers more options. 

Companies like Motorola, Sharp, TCL, LG and HMD will soon be using the Snapdragon 690 in their phones, and consumers can expect to see 5G enabled phones by the end of 2020.

Image source: TheVerge

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