Raspberry Pi Announces High-Quality Camera Board of 12 MP

The famous DIY computer enthusiasts would be pleased to know that Raspberry Pi has introduced a high-quality camera that will greatly enhance the photography capability available to it. This new camera board is being hailed as a big improvement as compared to the earlier low-resolution camera modules.

The camera has been engineered with a 12.3- megapixel Sony IMX477 sensor, which is illuminated at the back with 1.55-micron pixels. This official Raspberry Pi camera board has far greater photographic acumen than any of its predecessors. Earlier, there were low-resolution sensors fitted in the camera boards.

Moreover, the camera board relied increasingly on fixed-focus lenses. The high-quality camera offered by Raspberry comes with adjustable back focus and has also got C mount and CS-mount lenses that can be interchanged. The high-quality camera is also known to include a 6 mm CS-mount lens for $ 25. It has come to our knowledge that another 16 mm C mount lens has been provided, which is priced at $ 50. It is a product of resellers that have been approved.

On the camera board of the high-quality camera, we have a CS-mount. The CS-mount is surprisingly supported by a C mount adapter and not a CS-mount adapter. But, this also means that the user is free to put in any lens they find useful even if it is not from the company. Put easily. Even the third party lenses would be welcome to form a part of the board as well.

The introduction of sensors from Sony means there would naturally be a high performing lens given that the company has employed the Sony IMX 477 sensor that is powered with 1.55 micron small pixels. The owners of the DIY camera maker, Raspberry Pi, have been making way with camera modules for many of their projects. These projects have a wide range that covers good quality home security systems to Do It Yourself drone setups. 

Raspberry Pi Press is also looking after a new guide that shall be provided to its fans and users in print or free as a PDF. This piece of writeup would serve as a guide to using cameras with the Pi. The same has been made available starting April 30, 2020. You can grab one such manual for yourself for a price of £ 10, or you can say $ 12.50.

The High-Quality Camera from the company can work with all Raspberry Pi computers given that the computer model is from 1 Model B onward. Additionally, the earlier lower megapixel camera modules would still be in fashion thanks to the company, which would continue making those. In keeping with this, the previous 8-megapixel camera will continue to be available as a less pricey option, but small-sized in comparison. 

The interchangeable lenses are truly a helpful option. The new camera was slated to go on sale for $ 50 on April 30.

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