Razer is Hooking Up with Tencent to Focus on Mobile Gaming

Razer is planning on doing something big as it is focusing on entering the mobile gaming market. This Hong Kong listed company which has been selling the laptops, PCs, smartphones and gaming peripherals has made an announcement today that it is working with the Tencent to create smartphone-based games.

This collaboration will deal with hardware, software and the services too. One of the main objectives of this collaboration is to optimize the Tencent games like PUBG and Fortnite with the Razer devices, and this includes their smartphones, Cortex Android launcher app and the mobile controllers. The duo has also said that they will explore additional monetization opportunities for mobile gaming which means Tencent is integrating Razers services in the form of loyalty cards, etc.

The news came out on the very same day when Razer’s latest earnings have skyrocketed by 38 percent to reach the $712.4 million. Razer has recorded a net loss of $97 million in 2017. Razer was one of the tech companies in Hong Kong that were on the verge of going public. The company has struggled a lot to convince the investors about its business, and this opportunity of collaborating with one of the leading gaming companies has made a great impact on Razer.

The Razer’s listings have raised an amount of $500 million in the latter end of 2017 but the share price of the company has struggled a lot. Tencent, on the other hand, is a PR coup and one has to just wait and see how this relationship will impact Tencent on the whole. The Razer CEO Min Liang Tin is still a bit bullish about company prospects on the mobiles. The collaboration of both Razer and Tencent is pretty big and it will take some time to understand how impactful it is on both companies as well as on the market.

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