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Really Clear Solution for Rich Communication Services

Really Clear Solution for Rich Communication Services

Google’s senior vice president of Android, Hiroshi Lockheimer, has lent a helping hand to iPhone to adopt RCS, Rich Communication Services. RCS is an advanced and new version for SMS and MMS on phones. It is packed with features similar to other messaging platforms like Whatsapp, Telegram, and Signal.

On Friday, Hiroshi Lockheimer tweeted that, “Group chats don’t need to break this way. There exists a Real Clear Solution. So, here’s an open invitation to the folks who can make this right: we are here to help.” This tweet was sent to reply to a tweet posted by a Golf Digest on PGA Tour golfer Bryson DeChambeau. The story contains an odd-one-out message in a group chat as his messages appear in green bubbles. So, it was kind of an allurement to send to Apple to adopt RCS for improved crossed-platform messaging. However, Goggle didn’t mention the name of Apple directly but is surely pointed towards them.

RCS is now finally gaining worldwide popularity, and of course, the two giant users for it are Android and Apple. Presently, it is still under development but is far better than old-school SMS. Goggle has previously secured the deal with the US carriers for RCS’s advancement and making it a default messaging application in the next year. And now it extends its hand to Ios executives. Unfortunately, though, Apple is yet to make any official statement on it.

There is also good news for future users of RCS. The Android messages on RCS are secured with end-to-end encryption. As a result, Android users tend to enjoy a higher level of privacy than iPhone users. The recent incident related to SMS Company Syniverse makes it important for every default messaging app to be securely encrypted.

Though there are technical glitches and other problems like the loss of messages after the phone gets switched off, the traditional messaging app will replace RCS shortly. Also, after being adopted by the US carriers such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, we can see some new improvements. 

Furthermore, the offer must get accepted by Apple. As the number of carriers increases, the inevitable need to replace SMS may increase as it is less secure and lacks present-day advancement. RCS can help users experience features like higher quality video and audio messages, typing indicators, read receipts, Wi-Fi connectivity, enhanced group chats, and end-to-end encryption. But, at present, RCS is still not supported by Apple’s default messaging application. This means the messages exchanged between Android users and iPhone users may switch back to the SMS application.

The public, at large, wants iPhone makers to accept and adopt Rich Communication Services, though there has been no official statement posted or conveyed yet. It is expected that the company will embrace the offer as many carriers are adopting. Seemingly, Apple is satisfied with a blue bubble and green bubble conversation while sending messages from Android to Apple.

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