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Remote Battle Raid Soon Possible in Pokémon Go

Remote battle raid soon possible in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has probably rejoiced most its users with the news that the new update with which they will be able to invite friends, raid battles and a sticker features on top of it all. These updates are planned for the game for a while but will be available for users this summer but not at the same time.

The raid battles will be released first and this month as per a statement that came from the official website of Pokémon Go. The stickers feature doesn’t have a fixed timeline as per Niantic yet, but the company has said that the users can expect it soon.

Traditionally, how the Pokemon Go game was played is by players going outside their community or specific area to go and explore more communities while venturing in the outdoors. Now that the world can’t move outside as much, Niantic has planned some updates for the game so that the game is playable in this age where countries are in lockdown because of Covid-19.

In recent months, Pokemon Go has seen many updates, and the new raid battle feature will also be a continuation of all the features that have come before. Previously, a player could enter into a battle raid if the other players were nearby. The new update, however, will allow users to invite friends and enter into a raid they have entered before. Physical proximity like before isn’t required anymore.

Once the new update goes live this month, players will see a ‘+’ button in the top right corner of their interface. On clicking this ‘+’ button, users will be able to see a list of the raid lobbies that they have entered physically before. The same feature will also allow you to invite five friends to join any of the battle raids. Your friends will be instantly notified that you have invited them, through push notifications.

You and your friends will be able to enter the raid lobby this way, and they will be able to use a pass only when the battle starts. Many players are already excited about this new update, as it will allow them to play one of the most popular games.

Another update that will be added to the game this summer will allow you to personalize gifts you send to friends in the game along with stickers. Many stickers will be given for free to all users in the beginning, once the update is out. These stickers can be added to gifts before sharing them with friends. More gifts the users open, the more stickers they will get, and one sticker technically can only be used once. These stickers will be available to buy as well soon after the first round of stickers is rolled out. Players can expect much more after that.

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