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Revamped YouTube Music Albums Now on Google Search links

Revamped YouTube Music Albums Now on Google Search links

Google links have had their way of having people reach their targeted search. And with the release of the new YouTube Music, Google links will now be connected to it when you search for any music album. This feature is not new for people who are using Google daily. Google displays lyrics, synopsis, reviews, television shows, movies, plots, cast, and crew, etc. for any search related to it. But now, it will be seen linking to YouTube Music.

YouTube music on its initial days of the release itself, soon became a fan favorite, as they advertised themselves of having the largest collection of music albums. They have made various changes to their Music app by introducing ‘Now Playing’ to viewing cloud library uploads. The changes have added to users finding it easier to control and play the songs they like. And this new collaboration between YouTube and Google is surely going to result in something fruitful.

Google has features like streaming the song online on its web page itself if you have searched for it. And now, with the new YouTube Music feature, you can stream any song any time. Currently, Google has linked itself with Spotify, Google Play Music, Deezer, iHeartRadio, etc. All of these links can be played without opening into the app or website. But for YouTube Music, on clicking the link, Google will open the app, or the website will load where you can play the music.

No other extra features have been added to the link, as of now, YouTube music will only appear as an option when searched for that particular album. A notable anomaly is that Google does not show YouTube music links when searched for an artist, whereas it does show music links for Spotify and Google Play Music. With the hope of it being rectified in the future, fans of YouTube Music are overjoyed with this new feature. Not only music, but Google also links itself with Netflix and Amazon Prime to stream movies and series when searched.

YouTube has always been the one-stop destination for local artists, viral music videos, and any trending song that is not immediately available in other music apps. With a large stock of data on music videos, YouTube Music is all set to dominate the world of music apps as they have built their database on the millions of music videos available in their YouTube video stock. It comes with songs and a large library of albums that you may not find in other music stations. From remixes to melodies, mashups, and dubs, YouTube Music has it all.

To be the cherry on top, YouTube Music is redefining its interface by making it more user-friendly and providing its customers with an unparalleled experience. Google Search Links have resulted in a massive hike in users for it, as it has added to its advertisement methods. Apps like Spotify and Apple Music are surely going to face a difficult time competing with the vast song library of YouTube Music.

The days of having to listen to a song on YouTube without the option of turning off video is gone. You can now save data as well as turn off your screen with YouTube Music while listening to its remixes and jogging at the same time. According to a YouTube Music spokesperson, the idea behind the app was to provide users with the ability to hear YouTube Music and their favorite locally made remixes anytime, anywhere, even despite the video having no official release.

The base of YouTube Music happens to be a gold mine, as YouTube has a collection of almost every kind of music starting from amateur, semi-professional to professional. You can even have your album in YouTube Music and get a shot at having a career through it. Google, too tried to make use of the same concept, but YouTube Music beat them to it and gave you a wide library of mix tapes at your disposal.

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