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Rinnai contributes to economic growth of Malaysian market

Rinnai contributes to malaysia company

Malaysia is known as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Successful industries and businesses are spouting all over Malaysia at a rapid rate, and other countries are grabbing the opportunity by contributing to their success. One of the countries joining forces with Malaysia is Japan, with its out of the box creations with cutting edge technology.

A factory located in the town of Taiping, located in northeast Malaysia is known for its high-quality rubber gloves. The Japanese brand Rinnai industrial water heater supports the Malaysian manufacturing company by providing support in two ways.

The manufacturing company needs hot water for a variety of cleaning operations, and the Japanese company provides them with on-demand hot water. The provision by Rinnai is a very critical, reliable solution, and cost-effective. Rinnai is also known for providing support for cleaning operations for ceramic mold and multiple industrial pieces of equipment.

Sean Cheang from Comfort Rubber explained their collaboration with Rinnai by saying, “This is our Rinnai manifold system where we use incoming production hot water and this hot water is used for cleaning solution so this is our on-demand hot water system to generate hot water at the precise temperature that we need at the exact moment when we need it.”


The Rinnai & co. was established in 1920 by Hidejiro Maito and his childhood friend, Kanekichi Hayashi, in Nagoya, Japan. The company will be celebrating its 100th anniversary on 1st September 2020. The group started its journey with developing the latest heat-energy appliances, and now the company is also known for its kitchen appliances, water heater, and air conditioners.

The company currently has operations in 17 countries with its products available in more than 80 countries. Rinnai comprises of 5 branches, 91 sales offices, and 4 production facilities in its hometown with subsidiaries in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and more.

Rinnai stands on three themes- heat and lifestyle, quality, and contributing to local communities. “According to the company’s one-hundred-year brand slogan, creating a healthy way of living, that is the slogan created from Japan and we are good at changing the mindset product range hopefully that our product and service extend to the consumer in a healthier way of living. Being from Japan, our technology has grown over the years, until today, we are able to come up with many innovative products,” said KM Chan from Rinnai Malaysia.

Rinnai aims to provide the best to elevate people’s lifestyles and give back to the global environment.

The groups’ multiple creations cover the fields of hot water supply, air conditioning, kitchen appliances, and commercial use appliances. Rinnai’s innovations in the field of heat energy and lifestyles have contributed to the changing lifestyles in many ways not only in Japan but in other countries too.

Rinnai set foot in the Malaysian market in early 1973 with its durable and environmental-friendly appliances and has been liked by the market since with the aim to provide to the local market and improve the lives of people around the world.

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