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Roborock H6 and LG CordZero A9 Kompressor are promising cleaners

Roborock H6 and LG CordZero A9 Kompressor are pretty promising cleaners

Roborock H6 and LG CordZero A9 Kompressor are two of the amazing vacuum cleaners out there in the market right now. The companies have given a very compact and lightweight solution for cleaning daily. So, offering some quick cleanout of your floor or furniture, these are the cleaners that can change the face of your otherwise messy room!

Unlike Dyson V11, which is anything but lightweight, these two products offer great help in the weight segment. You do not want a home appliance to be a bulky one. In all those cases, when the appliance is something that you might be using for hours daily, it is always a wise option to pick up the most compact and all-in-one sort of a product. It would help if you also saw whether it provides comfort in terms of portability.

The massive V11 was a real pain when it came to using it to clean the thin crevices. In short, you could not do it without passing out! After all, it was too much for your shoulders to handle. The Roborock H6 and LG CordZero A9 Kompressor speak of relief in this department. Roborock, the home appliances, and robovac company got into the stick vac job with their new Roborock H6.

It has few similarities in look and feels and working with the Dyson V11. The vacuum cleaner, for instance, comes in red color design. The product has been provided with a compact canister and a pistol grip trigger. At only 3 lbs, it is light like crazy! It would be best if you did not have an iota of doubt over its battery performance. That is simply amazing for such a lightweight cleaner. There is sufficient battery power to clean for any good length of time.

The H6 has got a small lock button on the side of the handle that permits you to lose hold of the trigger when you want it to continue doing the job. It is especially handy when there is a tough spot, and you have got to clean in the cracks. The time factor is very crucial, and has been equally well thought out. This H6 can work at a stretch for 45 minutes on its default mode. 

If you care to run it for more, do prefer its eco mode. In that, it can run for around 90 minutes, which is a considerably good amount of time. It has a maximum air watt suction of 150 AW, which was a tad bit higher in the case of Dyson V11 at 185 AW.

The A9 Kompressor, on the other hand, is a good looking vacuum cleaner that has been given its stand. That means there is no need as such to drill your walls to place the device. While you are vacuuming, there is this Power Punch nozzle that creates vibrations allowing you to dislodge the dirt that has gotten inside it. 

The LG A9 comes with a telescoping sort of a wand that lets you adjust the height of the appliance, which is again a cool feature. The LG CordZero A9 Kompressor also has been made with precision considering its 5 stage HEPA filtration. Not just that, the filters that have been provided are those much better washable filters. The LG A9 has been provided with two batteries aiding you to switch them for a dedicated two hours of run time in total.

The best part about it is the Kompressor feature that they have cared to put in the name. Now, with that, you do not have to worry at all about the contents of the A9 dustbin. It is easy to come off. That is a big help considering that few things like those rolled meshes of hair can be messy and untangled.

The LG CordZero A9 Kompressor has got a maximum 200 AW suction, which is larger than the RoboRock one, and it certainly beats the Dyson V11 as well. The Kompressor is WiFi-enabled to allow you to keep a tab on the battery life. At $ 699, the product shall be going on a sale. Why not just claim it? More details about the product can be found out on the LG website.

Image source: Forbes

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