Roborock Launches a new S4 Max Vacuum Cleaner

Roborock is a very well-known robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer and has established a good front in the industry. Most of the vacuum cleaners sold by the brand are ahead of their time and extremely intelligent. 

Last week, the company added a new product to its already existing great product line. It is the S4 Max, which will be making it to the stores soon. The new robot vacuum has been designed with an approach that exclusively uses robotic intelligence for vacuuming. 

Richard Chang, CEO of Roborock, recently spoke about the launch in his statement, “We’re excited to introduce the S4 Max: A new robotic vacuum option that offers a superior clean and is extremely user-friendly.” He also added that their aim with the new product has been to develop technology that makes the new model highly convenient and efficient in use.

Features that the S4 Max carries have been added, keeping in mind to create a comprehensive product. High-precision LiDAR technology present in the robot vacuum will create a very precise map of the entire home, making it efficient in the cleaning process. The unique multiple mapping systems are helpful in recognition of four levels inside your home.

There are other features where you can name each room and the suction power required in that area. A customized cleaning session can be developed using the S4 Max. The automatic recognition will help it in differentiating between the rooms, making your tasks easier.

Further, where you want the S4 to go or not go can be changed using the connected app available for all customers. No go zones can be defined easily with the app, making the robot vacuum cleaner even more efficient.

As for the kinds of floors that the vacuum cleaner can clean, are hardwood floors and even carpeted floors. The height has automatically adjusted based on the type of flooring it is working on. It is because of the presence of a floating main brush that this is possible.

With the Automatic Carpet Boost feature and 2000 Pa suction power, thorough cleaning is possible because the vacuum cleaner can recognize it on a carpeted floor. Suction power is instantly boosted to clean the carpeted floors well.

The powerful battery of 5200 mAh that the vacuum cleaner has is good enough to clean 2690 sq. ft. of an area in one go. It’s running time is around 150 minutes during this. After that, it will need to recharge and empty the attached dustbin.

The attached dust collector is much bigger than what you usually get. All the debris caught by the Washable HEPA-Type E11 filter comes into a large, easily detachable 460ml dustbin. This dustbin is bigger than previous models and adds to the convenience.

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