Robotic Vacuum Cleaners from Trifo Max to be Launched in India

Trifo Max is a company based out of Santa Clara in California and is involved in robotics as its main field of work. The company will be soon launching its robot vacuum cleaners to join the list of companies that are into the manufacturing of the same. 

Robot vacuum cleaners have become a popular product among homeowners worldwide, given the great technical aspects they usually have to offer. Moving on the same front, Trifo Max is good to set base in India for their upcoming products. A wide variety of robot vacuum cleaners will be launched with a very different price point, specifically for buyers in the country. 

Earlier, Trifo Max’s work had been in AI and machine learning, 3D Mapping, robotics, and sensors mainly. The same technological aspects will be incorporated to develop robot vacuums that can 3D map your home to clean them efficiently. 

Zhe Zhang is the person behind the success and establishment of the robotics company, and setting foot in the market with robot vacuum cleaners seemed like the next step for him. The company has a great portfolio considering they have worked with Magic Leap and Microsoft robotics. 

Zhang was asked about the reason for choosing India as their market to which the answer was, “The home robotics market is in early stages, and very promising. With our robotics techniques, we are trying to make a robot smarter and more efficient.”

Zhang, who has a Ph. D. in robotics from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, has for India and home robotics because he wishes to create products that can effectively clean around the house without the need of supervision from the owner. It would include cleaning dust, pet hair, and other wastes around the house.

Following up on the vision Zhang has, the new robot vacuum cleaners to be launched will have the latest crop of AI-enabled systems, sensors, cameras, lasers, and more, which can help them get a 3D picture of the house. The 3D picture would help the appliance stay away from furniture, walls, and any other object that could come in its way. A charging dock would also be present so the vacuum can charge itself and go back to cleaning if required.

In India, currently, there isn’t a market leader for robotic vacuum cleaners, but definitely, there is competition. Once the products are launched, Trifo will face competition from other robotic companies like iRobot, Milagrow, and Xiaomi. Although Zhang has been optimistic about the choice of launch, which is clear from his statement, “India is a very important potential market. I think in most parts of Asia, it’s less than 20 percent of market penetration, which we feel is a great opportunity.”

It has been reported that the company is currently in talks with distributors and vendors for their products, so we can expect the launch to take place soon. The team working on the project is considerably very strong, given they have already worked with companies like Intel and Microsoft.

The company has claimed that they are set to launch soon, and $27 million has been raised from various sources.

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