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RockJam 88 and Alesis Recital – Which Offers Better Digital Pianos?

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In this RockJam 88 Vs Alesis Recital comparison guide, we are going to compare 2 of the best digital pianos, namely Rockjam 88 and Alesis recital. Both of them have a lot of similarities, including their number of keys, designs, and certain features. Yet, there are quite some differences, as mentioned here in the article. Weighing down all those mutual and reciprocals will assist a person in arriving at a solution in choosing one of those. Here we go!

RockJam 88 vs Alesis Recital 88 Key Weighted Keyboards

RockJam 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano imageAlesis Recital 88 Key Digital Piano Keyboard image
Basis of ComparisonRockJam 88 Key Digital PianoAlesis Recital 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano
Dimensions49.21 x 11.42 x 3.11 Inches3.6 x 11.52 x 50.52 Inches
Weight15.4 Pounds15.62 Pounds
Number of Keyboard Key88 Keys88 Keys
Number of Voice105
Headphone InputYes (¼ Inch (6.35 mm))N/A
USB InputYesN/A
Power SourceCorded ElectricCorded Electric
Tool-free Blade ChangeYesN/A
Output Wattage20 Watts10 Watts
Speakers24 Watts SpeakersDual 10W Speakers
In-built SpeakersYes (2)Yes (2)
Sheet Music StandAvailableAvailable
Height AdjustmentAbsentYes (3-position)
Accessories ComponentsPower adapter, and in-depth keyboard user manualPedal, stand, headphones, user manual
Keynote StickersAvailableAbsent
Warranty1 YearNo warranty
Check PriceCheck Price

Difference Between RockJam 88 and Alesis Recital 88 Weighted Keyboards

Digital pianos are a type of electric keyboard generally used in the place of traditional keyboards. They are excellent alternatives for those traditional ones. Digital pianos use specific recorded samples of conventional pianos, which are inbuilt and amplified through their internal loudspeakers. Also, their keys weight remains a little heavy so that a pianist feels very little difference. Here is the detailed comparison guide between RockJam 88 and Alesis Recital 88 key weighted keyboards, based on different features and all.


First of all both these versions are one of the best 88 key weighted keyboards available in the market with more or less features in budget. When coming to design, both Rockjam 88 and Alesis Recital have a design that is very similar to that of traditional keyboards. They are both full-sized semi-weighted keyboards enabling players to have a fantastic experience while performing with them. The keys of both these instruments are full-sized velocity-sensitive ones for perfect playing style suiting all pianists. In addition, they have compact designs making them easier to move. So those who want to take their pianos to any of their trips can go with either of these.

Fully Weighted Keys

Keys of pianos arrive built in a way to replicate the same as those of conventional pianos. RockJam and Alesis have 88 keys enabling persons to use them for as many sounds as they want. Both RockJam 88 and Alesis Recital have semi-weighted keys that are sensitive to pressure and very easy to play.

The RockJam 88 allows users to adjust the sensitivity of its keys as per their needs. If you’re a beginner, you can lower their sensitivity, and if you know piano a little more, you can increase their sensitivity. However, Alesis recital’s keys bounce back as soon as a user presses them, allowing them a more unrestrained movement of its keys. 

Built In Sounds And Effects

Till now both the pianos have almost similar features but both of them have different sounds which might change your decision. To maximize your creativity RockJam 88 comes with 20 different soundtracks and 8 different tones. It has 10 tones, 10 demo songs, 10 metronome settings, and 10 unique voices. All these varieties of options render you a variety of sounds. Also, it is accessible in 4 modes including standard, split, layer, and lessons.

While, on the other hand, Alesis has 5 sounds to work with. But those 5 sounds are very clear and clean making it suitable for beginners. Also, the Alesis recital comes with various effects including 3 reverb algorithms, 2 delay algorithms, 5 choruses, and pedal resonance.


Speakers play an important role when it comes to playing the built-in tunes. If speakers aren’t good enough then you might not be able to hear the melody as you want to.

RockJam 88 has 24 watts dual powerful speakers that allow persons to listen to melodies in greater volume. Its dual speaker on both sides gives you an effect of a surround sound system. Alesis recital has dual 10 watts speakers, adding up to a total of 20 watts of sound. These speakers are enough to fill up a medium sized room without any additional speakers. The sound of this piano is clean and avoids muddiness enabling people to better-quality sound.


You must always check the connectivity of your piano before buying it, as it plays a major role. While performing in front of a huge audience, you might want to connect your piano to speakers. Similarly, there are a lot of uses for connectivity.

RockJam 88 has 8 connective ports making it easier to attach peripheral products to a digital piano. It becomes very convenient. Also, it has midi, microphone, USB, and aux connections for better use. Speaking about Alesis Recital, this product has 6 connectivity ports, including 1 USB, 1 sustainable pedal, 2 stereo outputs, and 1 aux connection. You can connect various devices using these ports.

Pedal And Seat

Seat of a piano is a very important tool for playing piano as it gives people a good posture to play. Alesis Recital comes with both seat and pedal for a better convenience to users. Its seat is adjustable and one can adjust it according to their height in 3 positions as per their convenience. Also, it comes with a pedal allowing people to play more melodious tunes. Nevertheless, one can buy a new pedal if they don’t like the one inbuilt.

Unfortunately, there is no seat and pedal of the RockJam 88. This one does not come with a seat and pedal. Although you can buy a pedal for this piano and connect it.


We hope that after reading this RockJam 88 vs Alesis Recital review, you must be able to make your decision about which piano among RockJam and Alesis to buy. Our team has differentiated both of these on various bases, by which people can make their final decision. Though there are a lot of similarities between both of them, yet their differences make it easier for people to choose. These 2 instruments have specific features in them, which indeed made them stay top-rated among many users.

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