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Rome Welcomes yet Another Company with Electronic Scooters.

Rome Welcomes yet Another Company with Electronic Scooters

On June 3, Mayor Virginia Raggi launched 1000 new e-scooters in Rome. These scooters were manufactured by ‘Bird’ company, the new scooters belong to their Bird one model. Sustainable living is a necessity in this modern age, and a lot of companies have been working on types of machinery and lifestyle products that support this kind of sustainable lifestyle. Companies like Helbiz and Lime have brought out e-scooters before that are sustainable. Amongst a lot of other firms, Bird had been working on bringing out their version of sustainable scooters.

This event took place at the Colosseum in Rome. The event looked quite grand in itself, given that the ambiance was topped with the very beautiful colosseum as a background. The route for this e-scooter has already been set. It will start at the circus Maximus, it will move on to the Esquilino district after that, it will proceed towards Termini station area, and then to Porta Pia, It will also go through the village Borghese. Overall the scooter’s route includes the whole historic place. A tourist can get a full tour of the colosseum and the places around, on this e-scooter.

Mayor Raggi said that the scooter was bought out for public use, with the objective that it would come as a solution to move from one place to another when the distance was small. It would also substantially decrease the amount of personal traffic around the historic place. She started by saying “We strengthen the fleet of electric scooters in sharing in our city, a useful, innovative and eco-friendly service.”

She added that a need for personal travel vehicles was now more than ever. Keeping this in mind, the e-scooter was a very concrete and innovative method to provide for the need. She also acknowledged the fact that this alternative was a good choice also because it was adopting an eco-friendly and sustainable method to solve the problem.

Another good point is that Bird has allowed its customers to opt for a 60% refund. This refund will be made from the mobility bonus. The company has provided the customers with a few options which are:

– 50 euros plus 5 free

– 100 euros plus 10 free

– 250 euros plus 50 free

– 500 euros plus 100 free

This new alternative is green and eco-friendly. Currently, the scooters are managed and checked on using an app. The people around the city can go on to the app and report the location of a damaged scooter. They can even report a wrongly parked scooter. The location of all the scooters are tracked using GPS systems and can be seen on the app as well. People usually check the location of their nearest scooter that is not being used and use it to travel short distances. Rome has taken a great step towards a more environmentally friendly way to support the increase in mobility around the city.

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