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Now, Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaners can actually fly like a drone

Robot vacuum cleaner turns in Drone

Well, we all know the functionality of Roomba vacuum cleaners – they can go about cleaning the dust and dirt from every nook and corner of their house all by themselves. Some models have further advanced in their functionality. These vacuum cleaners can actually make a note of the places around the house that have already been cleaned by creating a map of the entire house. However, so far, none of these models of vacuum cleaners have been able to cross obstacles coming in their way, such as a fleet of stairs all by themselves.

People who wish that their vacuum cleaners could independently go about cleaning their bedroom upstairs could actually witness this happening pretty soon. Peter Sripol, an engineer by profession and a regular creator and uploader of YouTube videos, actually turned a Roomba vacuum cleaner into something that could fly. Now, how was this feat achieved? Well, he actually added three duct fans to the vacuum cleaner that made it look like a drone having three propellers.

Once these propellers were added, the drone cum vacuum cleaner was actually made to fly. However, one important point needs to be noted here – although the vacuum cleaner would be able to fly and do all tasks on its own, it is not completely automatic as one may actually perceive it to be. This entire setup needs to be controlled with the aid of a remote. Once the controlling is done properly, it can surpass obstacles like a staircase and can actually fly.

Sripol has created this flying vacuum cleaner and posted a video of the same on YouTube. By looking at the video, one can actually get a feel of how this drone-line vacuum cleaner would look like. But could this actually achieve the desired cleanliness within the house? Let us see.

Could this flying Robotic vacuum cleaner actually do wonders?

Well, anyone could get excited about the entire idea of a flying vacuum cleaner. However, the results of the same may not be that great. Well, when this drone is operated within a house, there is a high probability of the same to damage some walls or any other place within the house. 

However, the biggest disadvantage of this drone cum vacuum cleaner could be that the dust collected within the vacuum cleaner could emerge out from the propellers. This could end up spreading dust all over the place. So instead of cleaning up the house, this may further dirty up the entire place, adding to the user’s misery and woes by further increasing his work. 

To top it all, the cost of making this entire device in different parts could go up to $200. Well, this estimated cost is actually higher than the actual vacuum cleaner itself, certainly not making it a very desirable one. People would rather go for the normal cleaners wherein the cleaning quality is definitely better as compared to the flying robotic vacuum cleaner. The only effort to be taken for the original cleaner is that it would have to be manually taken up the stairs, which is certainly not an impossible task. 

Sripol’s main goal behind creating and testing this entire setup was to see if the vacuum cleaner could actually fly. Well, the looks of it aren’t too appealing either, as it can be seen in the video. With the advantages and disadvantages of the flying drone having been explained here, one certainly cannot foresee many takers for this flying drone in the future, unless a few exceptional changes are being made.

Image Source: The Verge

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