Roombas will Ensure Smarter Cleaning with the Aid of AI

Wouldn’t all of us like to instruct the person coming to clean our houses? Keeping exactly this fact in mind, iRobot has gone a step further and upgraded its software for its robot vacuum cleaners. For many years now, the robot development organization has focused on ways and means of making its robots intelligent in terms of their functionality and way of work. These are mainly good connectivity, smart home integration, and wittiness of the robots in cleaning. As claimed by AI, the latest software upgrade has a combination of all the three factors mentioned above. According to iRobot, this is a major software upgrade that has ever happened right from the time it started about 30 years ago.

These robots have been upgraded on a new platform that functions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). This latest technology is also known as iRobot Genius Home Intelligence. Colin Angle, CEO of iRobot, has stated that “It’s a lobotomy and replacement of the intelligence systems in all of our robots.” He further states that the latest system is a big leap in terms of how iRobot readies its products. RoboVacs are essential commodities that are easily available with many vendors for prices less than $200. Angle says that with this sort of technology employed for all of its Roombas, iRobot would hopefully climb upon the value ladder, giving tough competition to all of its rivals. Angle says that people would always want to have robots that can be instructed upon. 

He further says, “Imagine you had a cleaning person come to your home and couldn’t talk to them. You’d get frustrated! And it’s the same thing going on with the robots.” Angle feels that by applying AI techniques to robot technology, one can get the maximum of these robots by giving them precise instructions on what is required. “Autonomy does not equal intelligence. We need collaboration.”

This feature would assist Roombas in preparing a map of the entire house within which the rooms can be labeled, and the robots can be instructed to clean them accordingly. The latest update is available through iRobot’s Home app and is expected to work on all of its devices. This list includes the i7 and i9 Roombas and the Braava Jet M6 mop. 

A set of laundry tasks have been designed. The tasks can also be customized and set according to the likes of the user. These robotic vacuum cleaners can also be directed to clear those places within the house that tend to get messy or places where dust can accumulate faster. Specific instructions can be given like “Roomba, clean below the table,” and so on. 

It is also possible to set reminders for cleaning after dinner time and around bedtime. The Roombas can also be given a particular time during the day to clean the house. For instance, this could be after someone leaves for work. They can also be directed back to their charging bases. Choices are also available to set a few seasonal protocols. Also, these robots can be kept out of a few sections within the house by setting the “keep out zones” feature. 

Considering that this year has been specifically great for the Bedford-Massachusetts based company, let us hope that this feature would bring about good fortunes for the organization. Earlier in April, the company canceled the launch of its Terra lawn mowing robot that was supposed to arrive in 2020, as it had to reduce its global headcount by about 5% owing to a “reprioritization.” The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic was blamed for the same. The “Genius” functionality would arrive anytime this week.

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