Rory McIlroy wears a shirt with washing machine logo: Nike’s style of reminding childhood

Rory McIlroy Washing Machine Logo Shirt Image

The practice round of the British Open 2019 saw Rory McIlory in as polo shirt with a washing machine as a logo. Weird, isn’t it? Well, not so much when you would know the reason. Nike had designed the logo which has a childhood memory of Rory stored in it. What is the reason? Read on to find out.

“Just Nike sort of doing what they do. They wanted to do something special for me this week. Thought washing machine, I grew up here, long winter nights hitting golf balls into my mom’s washing machine, so it was a nice little touch.” said Rory on Wednesday in the pre-British Open Press conference. This time, the theme of the tournament is Diddy’s “I’m Coming Home” which clearly justifies the logo on Rory’s polo logo.

The tournament Open is going to be held in Northern Ireland. Rory was born in here and has spent his childhood chipping balls in his mother’s washing machine which later turned out to be his passion and made him famous. In 2011, European tour shows a video of the star playing with a robot and hitting full shots in the washing machine. The four-time major champ has now returned to his hometown and it can be clearly seen from his pictures that he is happy to play here and the polo shirt has indeed made him relive his childhood moments.

Nike has even released an advertisement which shows the home practice methods of the champ which celebrates Rory’s first Open championship in Northern Ireland. The advertisement features Rory and Tiger Woods which shows the playing technique of the player and now Nike has designed the logo on the shirt for the player. It also shows the partnership between Rory and Nike and how the company comes up with creative ideas to surprise the players. The company is known for such quirky and interesting logos, as it has done in the past.

As per the News Report, earlier in April, Tiger Woods was also seen to be wearing a similar kind of t-shirt which shows his cartoon driver headcover called Frank. He wore that t-shirt during a Masters press conference.

The theme of the British Open 2019 is warmly accepted. The theme not only brings back the childhood memories but even shows the sacrifices that the players make for the sport by leaving their home for half of the year. Nike here has done a wonderful job by recreating the memories by inserting a meaningful logo on the shirt of the champ.

The story of practicing in the home by chipping balls in the washing machine was first revealed in 1999 in UTV’s Kelly show where the champ describes the story and even a video was shown which showed a young Rory practicing with an open door washing machine. With such an interesting theme and the practice game in full mode, we can expect more surprises and interesting news from the British Open 2019.

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