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Sabrina, Google’s Android TV Dongle, Appears on FCC, may Launch Soon

Sabrina, Google’s Android TV dongle, appears on FCC, may launch soon

The FCC has listed two of Google’s latest devices under its listings. According to news reports, these devices could be most likely linked to Google’s latest Android TV, which has been in talks for some time. Going by the fact that the FCC has filed for these two devices, it is quite certain that Google, by all means, would launch these products pretty soon. 

For the last few months, there have been talks of Google’s upcoming Android TV dongle, nicknamed ‘Sabrina’, which would be aided by the Android TV along with a remote-based UI, instead of functioning as a simple Chromecast which works with the help of a smartphone.

It is a rule in the United States that all wireless devices require FCC approval before they are put up. Reportedly, Google is done with all the paperwork for two new devices, and the same has been handed over to the FCC. The model numbers for these devices, as listed out by the FCC, are GZRNL and G9N9N. 

The FCC listing has provided the details of the device having model number GZRNL. The description reveals it to be an “Interactive Media Streaming Device”. This device would be functioning with the aid of a WiFi and a Bluetooth connection, as expected. Looking at this interpretation as listed out by the FCC, it is quite predictable that this could be nothing other than ‘Sabrina’, which is next-in-line to the Chromecast Ultra. A card-shaped FCC label is also available for this device, stuck on the back portion of the Android TV dongle. 

The other device numbered G9N9N has been listed out to be as a “Wireless Device” with nothing else mentioned. However, the FCC’s label is hinted to be placed “under the power cover.” Thus, it is speculated that this device could most likely be the matching remote for “Sabrina”, as the “power cover” serves as a battery holder for most remotes. Another thing that is known about this device is that it functions with the aid of Bluetooth.

Furthermore, not much is known about these devices. Some other important aspects of these FCC listings, such as the images of these devices, will not be revealed before the end of January. It has been noted that both these devices are apparently “Made in Thailand.” The fact that Google is looking forward to expanding its supply network justifies this. 

Based on all previous FCC listings, these devices GZRNL and G9N9N do not tally with any other Google-based products. Earlier, Chromecasts have had model numbers linked to Star Trek, such as NC2-6A5, which is somehow pointing to NCC-1701.

Presently, very less variety of options are available for Android TV. There can be a wide range to choose from only if the TV has some in-built software installed. Right now, users can opt for the high-end Nvidia Shield range, which has a starting price of $149.99. Then there is the Xiaomi Mi Box S coming at $59.99. Google had promoted this brand two years ago. Xiaomi recently launched a Mi TV stick costing somewhere around $40 in India and Europe. As of now, this is the only way to get an Android TV. 

One has to wait and watch what else Google has to offer. According to XDA Developers, this launch was supposed to happen this summer. Going by this information, Google still has some time left on its plate.

Image source: TheVerge

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