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Samsung Backed SunnyFive Comes up with Windows Pouring Artificial Sunlight

Samsung backed SunnyFive comes up with windows pouring artificial sunlight

SunnyFive is one of the five startups that are backed by Samsung‘s incubation center C-labs. The startup has created windows that produce sunlight with all the desired characters. You can bathe in the sun without there being any actual sun. You can absorb Vitamin-D without even having to go outside!

SunnyFive’s windows that look akin to light therapy lamps are very promising in terms of delivering natural sunlight. It gives out the full spectrum of natural light. The window can be effectively designed to imitate the lighting effects of an actual window.

Light therapy lamps have been designed for people suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It seems like the product by SunnyFive could be one of these. The product offers many advantages over a regular window, providing you with natural-like sunlight.

What is more? The windows are adjustable. The window could be programmed and adjusted to tilt the angle of the sun coming in. That also means that you can get several shades starting from the beautiful and soft morning hue and the strong noon sunlight afterward in perfect gradient. After that, the afternoon’s dusky and reddish hue is also mimicked well.

Throughout time, the color’s temperature can be adjusted. The brightness can be effectively altered as well. Then, we have the actual sun effects in the form of sunrise, dawn, sunset, and dusk. An app comes aligned with the windows to let you adjust the brightness and temperature parameters.

As per Samsung, the window would help “users synthesize vitamin D while they are indoors or in low-lit places” without being worried about skin aging or even sunburn. The product can be absorbed well in an Internet of Things environment. As per the electronics brand, the startup product shall be integrating with Samsung’s home ecosystem.

For people who have to stay at home all day, or are the usual ‘work from home’ professionals, such a product can work wonders. You do not even have to step out and get your share of the mighty sun’s Vitamin-D. It sounds pretty cool. More so, if we imagine that the product can also be used by the elderly who have to stay most of the time indoors and who owing to some health issues, are restricted to their confines.

Samsung has been backing C-lab projects for long, in what it sees a market potential. The first startup is Blockbuster that lets users apply computer graphics and 3D effects using their smartphones to videos. Analog text can be digitized with the use of Hyler, the second startup in line. Then, we have the Haxby, which uses an AI algorithm and points incorrect answers from the student’s workbooks.

And then, we have the sunlight imitating SunnyFive. But, the whole idea is not exactly novel. However, the fact that Samsung is helping these ideas to flourish would go a long way. The smart home setup from Samsung is their SmartThings, where this product could be used. 

The 5 startups have not come up with any breakthrough inventions up till now. We do not have a lot of details about the price, availability, and other technicalities of the product other than its usages and features. As hope would have it, we should still believe in the ability of these windows.

Image source: TheVerge

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