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Samsung Creates a Hand Wash Reminder App for its Galaxy Watch

Samsung creates a hand wash reminder app for its galaxy watch

Samsung has launched its very own hand wash reminder app for Samsung watches. This application will remind the user to wash their hands. The best part is that this feature is automated, so you do not need to set or reset the reminder every time. Samsung has always been a brand that tries to look out for its customers. It has never taken the backseat whenever it comes to looking after the health of its customers. The brand even has its steps counting app that is pre-installed in its devices. This app counts the number of steps a person takes in a day. It allows the person to stay active throughout the day easily. 

This new app is designed to send reminders to the user every few hours. According to the studies performed at University College London this very year, washing your hands six to ten times a day is good. Added with after washroom and before eating washes, this is well enough to keep you safe in this pandemic. Even then, the app allows you to increase the frequency of reminders during the day if you want to be extra safe. 

When you reach a sink, the app will switch to a 25 second counter. This counter is the time that we are advised to wash our hands. In the first 5 seconds, we are supposed to soap our hands and then scrub and wash for about 20 seconds. The good part about the Samsung watch is that it is waterproof, and thus you do not need to take it off every time you’re washing your hands. An amazing feature of the app is that it keeps tabs of your data. You can check your daily handwashing activity and compare it with the previous days or weeks data, without any hassle. 

Currently, when the world is dealing with a pandemic that has no cure yet, the only way to save is by taking the necessary precautions. Sanitizing regularly and washing our hands is one of the best practices that you can take up to ensure your safety and that of all your loved ones. Although you undoubtedly have been washing your hands way more often than you have ever done before, it is never a bad idea to get reminders about the same. Building such tiny habits like washing your hands often, standing up regularly for a little while, taking quick walks around the house, will ensure your good health in the long run. Since these habits are seemingly negotiable, we often forget to do these. Apps like Samsung’s hand wash reminder app are a good idea to keep track of these small yet healthy activities. 

Image source: TheVerge

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